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Zanotta, a leader in Italian industrial design since 1954, captivated the world with its innovative and technologically advanced products. In 2023, it joined the prestigious Haworth Lifestyle Design group, expanding its influence alongside renowned brands like Cassina and Cappellini. With a rich legacy of 550 designs, 330 of which reside in esteemed museums, Zanotta's commitment to quality is unwavering. Its 16,000-square-meter factory houses skilled artisans who meticulously craft their creations, ensuring excellence in every detail. Zanotta: where heritage meets innovation.

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Maggiolina Lounge Chair Sale priceFrom $2,470.00
Cavour Desk ZanottaCavour Desk Zanotta
Cavour Desk Sale priceFrom $18,010.00
Reale Table Zanotta Reale Table Zanotta
Reale Table Sale priceFrom $5,590.00
Sacco Bean BagSacco Bean Bag Zanotta
Sacco Bean Bag Sale priceFrom $580.00
Lia Dining Chair ZanottaLia Dining Chair Zanotta
Lia Dining Chair Sale priceFrom $1,110.00
Genni Lounge Chair ZanottaGenni Lounge Chair Zanotta
Genni Chaise Lounge Chair Sale priceFrom $1,790.00
Tod Side Table ZanottaTod Side Table Zanotta
Tod Side Table Sale price$1,390.00
Sciangai Folding Cothes Stand ZanottaSciangai Folding Cothes Stand Zanotta
Sciangai Folding Cothes Stand Sale price$1,200.00
Servomuto Side Table ZanottaServomuto Side Table Zanotta
Servomuto Side Table Sale priceFrom $710.00
Mezzadro Stool ZanottaMezzadro Stool Zanotta
Mezzadro Stool Sale price$1,230.00
Tweed Table ZanottaTweed Table Zanotta
Tweed Table Sale priceFrom $5,750.00
Elica Table ZanottaElica Table Zanotta
Elica Table Sale priceFrom $6,470.00
Bol Table Zanotta Bol Table Zanotta
Bol Table Sale priceFrom $7,640.00
Quaderna Sideboard ZanottaQuaderna Sideboard Zanotta
Quaderna Sideboard Sale price$14,140.00
Quaderna Desk ZanottaQuaderna Desk Zanotta
Quaderna Writing Desk Sale priceFrom $6,130.00
Quaderna Console Table ZanottaQuaderna Console Table Zanotta
Quaderna Console Table Sale price$5,570.00

About the Luxury Furniture Brand Zanotta

Founded in 1954 by Aurelio Zanotta, Zanotta has become a cornerstone of Italian design, renowned for its innovative approach and timeless elegance. The brand's mission was to blur the lines between art and utility, creating pieces that captivate and inspire. With a commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, Zanotta has collaborated with some of the most influential designers and architects, resulting in iconic creations that continue to shape contemporary design.

Pioneering Design Icons

Zanotta's journey is marked by its groundbreaking designs and legendary collaborations. The Sacco Bean Bag, created by Cesare Paolini, Franco Teodoro, and Piero Gatti in 1968, revolutionized seating with its unique, informal design. Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni's Mezzadro Stool and the Sciangai Clothes Stand by De Pas, D'Urbino, and Lomazzi exemplify Zanotta's ability to merge form and function seamlessly. These pieces are not just furniture; they are iconic works of art that have defined modern design.

Global Influence and Continuous Innovation

Today, Zanotta boasts a global presence, with its furniture showcased in prestigious spaces and museums worldwide. The brand's dedication to originality and excellence has earned it numerous accolades, including 59 awards, 9 international recognitions, and 4 Compasso d'Oro awards, Italy's most prestigious design accolade. Zanotta's ability to innovate while preserving its heritage makes it a leading player in contemporary furniture design.

Why Choose Zanotta?

  • Innovative Design: Zanotta is known for its groundbreaking and timeless designs that transcend conventional furniture.

  • Collaborative Excellence: The brand's partnerships with renowned designers and architects ensure a diverse and creative product range.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Each piece is meticulously crafted using the finest materials, ensuring durability and elegance.

  • Global Recognition: Zanotta's designs are celebrated worldwide, with pieces featured in prestigious museums and winning numerous awards.

  • Sustainability: Commitment to environmentally friendly practices and sustainable materials.

Top Products

  • Sacco Bean Bag: An iconic, informal seating solution that adapts to any body shape.

  • Milano+ Sofa: A modern evolution of the classic Milano sofa, blending sophistication and functionality.

  • Quaderna Collection: Striking visual design with functional elegance, ideal for various uses.

  • Arabesco Table: A masterpiece of collaborative craftsmanship with a unique play of curves and transparency.

  • Mezzadro Stool: A creative and functional piece inspired by industrial design.

  • Sciangai Clothes Stand: An elegant and practical solution for hanging clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the lead times for Zanotta's furniture?

    • Lead times vary based on the specific product and location, with an average of 6-12 weeks.

  2. Do Zanotta products come with a warranty?

    • Yes, Zanotta provides a 2-year warranty on coverings and a 5-year warranty for all other products or parts, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

  3. Where can I shop for Zanotta furniture?

    • Zanotta's exquisite collection is available through Modern Loft and various upscale furniture stores and design showrooms globally, ensuring accessibility for those seeking to enrich their spaces with contemporary Italian furniture.

  4. Can Zanotta furniture be customized?

    • Yes, many Zanotta pieces offer customization options in terms of materials, finishes, and configurations to suit individual preferences and interior design needs.

Each piece of Zanotta furniture is more than just an element of decor; it's a testament to the brand's enduring pursuit of excellence and a reflection of one's commitment to living with quality and character. Whether it's the pioneering comfort of the Sacco Bean Bag or the architectural astonishment of the Quaderna Collection, Zanotta offers more than just furniture; it offers pieces that are timeless masterpieces. If you're looking to elevate your living space, remember, investing in Zanotta is investing in a legacy of unparalleled design and enduring elegance.