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Zanotta, a leader in Italian industrial design since 1954, captivated the world with its innovative and technologically advanced products. In 2023, it joined the prestigious Haworth Lifestyle Design group, expanding its influence alongside renowned brands like Cassina and Cappellini. With a rich legacy of 550 designs, 330 of which reside in esteemed museums, Zanotta's commitment to quality is unwavering. Its 16,000-square-meter factory houses skilled artisans who meticulously craft their creations, ensuring excellence in every detail. Zanotta: where heritage meets innovation.

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Maggiolina Lounge Chair Sale priceFrom $2,470.00
Cavour Desk ZanottaCavour Desk Zanotta
Cavour Desk Sale priceFrom $18,010.00
Reale Table Zanotta Reale Table Zanotta
Reale Table Sale priceFrom $5,590.00
Quaderna Sideboard ZanottaQuaderna Sideboard Zanotta
Quaderna Sideboard Sale price$14,140.00
Quaderna Desk ZanottaQuaderna Desk Zanotta
Quaderna Writing Desk Sale priceFrom $6,130.00
Quaderna Console Table ZanottaQuaderna Console Table Zanotta
Quaderna Console Table Sale price$5,570.00
Sacco Bean Bag ZanottaSacco Bean Bag Zanotta
Sacco Bean Bag Sale priceFrom $480.00
Tod Side Table ZanottaTod Side Table Zanotta
Tod Side Table Sale price$1,390.00
Sciangai Folding Cothes Stand ZanottaSciangai Folding Cothes Stand Zanotta
Sciangai Folding Cothes Stand Sale price$1,200.00
Servomuto Side Table ZanottaServomuto Side Table Zanotta
Servomuto Side Table Sale priceFrom $710.00
Tweed Table ZanottaTweed Table Zanotta
Tweed Table Sale priceFrom $5,750.00
Elica Table ZanottaElica Table Zanotta
Elica Table Sale priceFrom $6,470.00
Bol Table Zanotta Bol Table Zanotta
Bol Table Sale priceFrom $7,640.00