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Cavour is a home-office desk resulting from an exercise on the research on the perfect structural shape, which Carlo Mollino has studied in his projects for the ski station.

The dialectic of opposites finds expression in the balanced contrast between the organic and dynamic lines of the structure and the geometry of the clean and static volumes of the storage compartment and of the chest of drawers.

Zanotta Furniture

Product Designer: Carlo Mollino

Born in Turin in 1905, he received his architecture degree in 1931. His diverse career spanned architecture, design, interior decorating, and town-planning. He created innovative furniture, designed planes and cars, drawing inspiration from his love for photography, stunt flying, and car racing. His notable work includes the Turin University School of Architecture, where he held a teaching position from 1952 to 1970. He passed away in Turin in 1973, becoming a symbol of the 1950s.

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