Miniforms carusoMiniforms caruso

Caruso Buffet and Cabinet - With Speakers

From $7,210
Miniforms Soko Buffet CabinetMiniforms Soko Buffet Cabinet

Soko Buffet and Cabinet

From $6,600
Punt Mobles ChicagoPunt Mobles Chicago

Chicago Sideboard

From $4,750
Punt Mobles Tactile SideboardPunt Mobles Tactile Sideboard

Tactile Sideboard

From $3,130
Punt Mobles Stockholm SlimPunt Mobles Stockholm Slim

Stockholm Slim

From $2,920
Punt Mobles Stockholm AlacenaPunt Mobles Stockholm Alacena

Stockholm Chest/Cupboard

From $3,890
Punt Mobles Stockholm TechnicPunt Mobles Stockholm Technic

Stockholm Technic Sideboard

From $3,740
modern luxury furnituremodern luxury furniture

Chicago Sideboard

From $4,880
Stockholm Technic SideboardStockholm Technic Sideboard

Stockholm Technic Sideboard

From $6,570
Sussex SideboardSussex Sideboard

Sussex Sideboard

From $3,785
Malmo Technic Sideboard Punt MoblesMalmo Technic Sideboard Punt Mobles

Malmo Technic Sideboard

From $4,625
Malmo Sideboard Punt MoblesMalmo Sideboard Punt Mobles

Malmo Sideboard

From $4,325
Velasca Floor Sideboard Punt MoblesVelasca Floor Sideboard Punt Mobles

Velasca Floor Sideboard

Velasca High Base Sideboard Punt MoblesVelasca High Base Sideboard Punt Mobles

Velasca High Base Sideboard

Velasca Low Base Sideboard Punt MoblesVelasca Low Base Sideboard Punt Mobles

Velasca Low Base Sideboard

Velasca Extensible Sideboard Punt MoblesVelasca Extensible Sideboard Punt Mobles

Velasca Extendable Sideboard

Tactile Sideboard DoorsTactile Sideboard Doors

Tactile Sideboard


Ramblas Buffet and Cabinet

From $5,409
midj leaMidj lea

Lea Sideboard

From $2,817
midj midj

Apelle Sideboard

Miniforms Kramer Cabinet BookcaseMiniforms

Kramer Cabinet

From $9,263
Miniforms Juno Cabinet BookcaseMiniforms

Juno Cabinet

From $5,829
Miniforms Edge Cabinet SideboardMiniforms

Edge Cabinet

From $5,391
Miniforms Celia Cabinet SideboardMiniforms

Celia Cabinet

From $6,586
Woud FurintureWoud Furinture

Virka Sideboard

From $2,399
Woud FurnitureWoud Furniture

Array Sideboard

From $3,129

Modern Credenzas + Sideboards

While sideboards are often larger, have high legs, and drawers that resemble dressers, credenzas typically have low or no legs and a straightforward design with sliding doors that resemble those on a cabinet. Our collection of modern credenzas and sideboards prioritize the function and design of its products. A popular choice is the black sideboard that may serve as a sophisticated storage unit. Black sideboards are capable of seducing and conquering attention in a bold and elegant way. For a softer look in a living room or office space the customizable white sideboard buffet has a delicateness that is capable of glamorizing your space. A minimalist white sideboard buffet may add a touch of eminent quietness and contemplation. The influences of nature and art are integrated into our timeless and thought-provoking designs, such as our natural wood sideboards. The natural wood sideboard typically has a polished and tailored aesthetic. Our credenza cabinets are highly adaptable and customizable, capable of creating made-to-measure settings with it’s large selection of size, color and door styles. These modern credenzas are truly an artful celebration of both material and form reflecting contemporary culture in its essence. Good workmanship is a high-priority but as always the collection remains anchored to the philosophy of good design.

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