Miniforms is the brilliant and charismatic soul of contemporary furniture. Since the early 1970s their highly creative approach has helped them craft a home furniture collection that is capable of capturing attention and conquering hearts.

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We’re selective in our curation of high-end luxury brands that put quality craftsmanship as their top priority. Rest assured that your furniture is built to last you a lifetime.

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We’ve simplified the many complex customizations. You’ll find our store more visual, clear and interactive. Because furniture shopping shouldn’t be perplexing.

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Midj in Italy

Since 1987 the Italian-based company has been innovating the idea of furniture, building aesthetically intriguing and joyful pieces for moments of happiness and comfort.

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Modern Loft is a curated source of authentic modern furniture that will appeal to artists, designers and creatives.

Our products are classic innovative and forward-thinking in its design, and you'll find joy and inspiration in its style, form, and essence.

Our furniture collection is built to last. Made by some of the finest craftsmen in Europe each piece utilizes quality materials to provide an experience that is sure to last for many years.


Spreading the best of modern design around the world.

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