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Why We Built This

High-end furniture shopping can be frustrating.

What does this color actually look like?

What’s the composition of this fabric?

Does the price change if I select a different type of marble?

We felt it was time shoppers had something more up-to-date.

Modern Loft was founded to take the guesswork out. We exist to offer a clearer and simpler buying process for the most beautiful and well-crafted furniture in the world. In an industry that has always been traditional, we aim to modernize. Our pages are not only aesthetically appealing but also more visual, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Our customers value both function and style, and the buying process should have the same standards.

Modern luxury furniture

Who is Modern Loft?

Modern Loft has a young and vibrant spirit.

She loves to travel, explore, and discover art.

She’s charmed by the masterworks of Italian architecture, the fashion and cuisine of Paris and the design heritage of Denmark.

She pays careful attention to her fashion style, because aesthetics are everything. You’ll see her rocking a bold, classic and sometimes avant garde style.

Modern Loft rubs elbows with talented architects and interior designers.

She delights in the invigorating smell of leather, the characteristic appeal of wood grain, and is obsessed with the many shades of brown.

When the world chooses one path, she tends to question it. You can often see her brainstorming for creative solutions, and crafting a vision for better design

Modern Loft is always seeking something better and looking toward the future.

Modern luxury furniture

Our Collection

At Modern Loft we’re redefining high-end living.

We’re here to offer a relaxed perspective on luxury.

While luxury furniture is typically seen as formal and serious, we know that furniture should inspire joy and comfort, and soften a formal atmosphere. We offer a collection with a soul that conveys emotional intensity. Our designs are effortless and captivating, but not arrogant.

Our curation has been described as forward-thinking and aesthetically intriguing. We champion innovative styles and love to tell the stories behind them.

These creative luxuries have a timeless aesthetic and will be relevant for many years to come.

Quality craftsmanship has always been our top priority. Made in Europe by some of the finest manufacturers, each piece of furniture in our collection meets an exceptionally high standard of luxury.

Modern luxury furniture