Woud FurnitureWoud Furniture

Wallie Wall Mounted Drawer

From $479
Wall BoxWall Box

Wall Box

Peek Wall MirrorPeek Wall mirror Midj

Peek Wall Mirror

From $738
Midj mirrorMidj mirror

Spot Wall Mirror

From $885
Mimesis Wall Mounted MirrorMimesis Wall Mounted Mirror

Mimesis Wall Mounted Mirror

Arqui RugArqui Rug

Arqui Rug

From $1,739.40

Bigger Brothers Mirror

From $1,168
round mirror Miniformsround mirror Miniforms

Coque Round Mirror

From $1,636
Middle and Les Brothers MirrorMiddle and Les Brothers Mirror

Middle and Les Brothers Mirror

From $677
Cigales Mirror MiniformsCigales Mirror Miniforms

Cigales Mirror

From $1,456
Facett MirrorFacett Mirror

Facett Mirror

From $75

Modern Wall Accessories

It's great to keep the creativity flowing by giving your living area finishing touches. Essential luxury furniture need to be complemented with small personal touches of luxury. These elements come under the glamorous collection of wall accessories. Wall storage is one of the most practical and useful elements of the wall accessories collection suitable for placing books, figurines, clocks or other creative accents. Wall storage units are highly decorative and customizable. Wall storage boxes may come with a back plate that, thanks to magnets holding it in place, may be changed out for plates of various colurs. Wall storage units can often be customized to work specifically and according to each unique need. The wall accessories collection also inludes hanging mirrors. These hanging mirrors stand out for their uncomplicated forms and uncluttered designs, which are complemented by the simple, stable hanging knobs that secure each one to the wall. These are unique mirrors that can transform your wall into an artful display and give birth to a universe of intrigue. Modern wall mirrors tend to have clean lines and simple geometric shapes however our collection of unique mirrors are innovative, and inclue a number of unconventional choices, offering different and original designs. These modern wall mirrors are capable of lending the modern oomph in your living space. When chosen strategically wall accessories can lend character to any setting.