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Elegance, lightness and expressivity are the framing principles of Miniforms. Miniforms is the brilliant and charismatic soul of contemporary furniture.
Since the early 1970s their highly creative approach has helped them craft a home furniture collection that is capable of seducing, capturing attention and conquering hearts. Craftsmanship is a family heritage, and each piece is made to last. The makers of Miniforms inherited the know-how from their family's traditions. Glassmakers, ceramicists and carpenters, each craftsman is an essential part of the finished object, putting his or her skill in a complementary context.

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Juice table MiniformsJuice table Miniforms
Juice Round Dining Table Sale priceFrom $7,542.00
 Juice Table MiniformsJuice table Miniforms
Juice Barrel Shaped Dining Table Sale priceFrom $9,927.00
soda coffee table soda coffee table
Soda Coffee Table Sale priceFrom $1,449.80 Regular price$2,636.00
Miniforms Soko Buffet CabinetMiniforms Soko Buffet Cabinet
Soko Buffet and Cabinet Sale priceFrom $6,600.00
Miniforms carusoMiniforms caruso
Acco Dining Table Sale priceFrom $4,805.00
ozz Miniformsozz Miniforms
Ozz Wall Lamp Sale price$1,938.00
ozz Miniformsozz Miniforms
Ozz Floor Lamp Sale price$2,988.00
floor lamp with tablefloor lamp with table
Ozz Floor Lamp with Table Sale priceFrom $1,810.00
miniforms barry dining tableminiforms barry dining table
Barry Dining Table Sale priceFrom $4,935.00
Plauto Table MiniformsPlauto Table Miniforms
Plauto Table Sale priceFrom $5,118.00
Monoplauto Table MiniformsMonoplauto Table Miniforms
Monoplauto Table Sale priceFrom $5,654.00
Illo table MiniformsIllo table Miniforms
Illo Round Dining Table Sale priceFrom $2,730.00
Miniforms TableMiniforms Table
Illo Coffee and Side Table Sale price$1,359.00
Miniforms TableMiniforms Table
Illo Plus Dining Table Sale price$3,906.00
Lem sofa MiniformsLem sofa Miniforms
Lem Lounge Armchair Sale price$2,948.00
modern luxury furnitureMiniforms Lem Sofa
Lem Sofa Sale priceFrom $4,703.00
round ottomanround ottoman
Lem Round Ottoman Sale price$1,431.00
Cigales Flower Pot Sale priceFrom $774.00
Claretta Chair MiniformsClaretta Chair Miniforms
Claretta Chair Sale priceFrom $873.00
Claretta Stool MiniformsClaretta Stool Miniforms
Claretta Stool Sale price$1,026.00
modern luxury furnitureMiniforms Brulla chair
Brulla Chair Sale priceFrom $1,224.00
Colony Armchair MiniformsColony Armchair Miniforms
Colony Armchair Sale price$2,918.00
Zigo Coffee Table MiniformsZigo Coffee Table Miniforms
Zigo Coffee and Side Table Sale priceFrom $1,440.00
Tototo Table MiniformsTototo Table Miniforms
Tototo Coffee and Side Table Sale priceFrom $1,300.00
Acco Coffee Table Sale priceFrom $1,899.00
Ramblas Buffet and Cabinet Sale priceFrom $5,778.00
Miniforms IolaMiniforms Iola
Iola Armchair with Steel Base Sale price$1,071.00
Miniforms IolaMiniforms Iola
Iola Chair with Steel Base Sale price$891.00
Iola Armchair MiniformsMiniforms Iola Armchair
Iola Armchair with Wood Base Sale price$1,422.00
Miniform Iola Miniform Iola
Iola Task Chair with Wheels Sale price$945.00
Vavava' Sale priceFrom $342.00
Miniforms chairMiniforms chair
Luxury modern furnitureLuxury modern furniture
miniforms masteaminiforms mastea
Mastea Coffee and Side Table Sale priceFrom $2,842.00
Kolos Coffee and Side Table Sale priceFrom $1,441.00
Miniforms Miniforms Edge Cabinet Sideboard
Edge Cabinet Sale priceFrom $5,391.00
MiniformsMiniforms Celia Cabinet Sideboard
Celia Cabinet Sale priceFrom $6,516.00
Luxury modern furnitureLuxury modern furniture
Middle and Les Brothers Mirror Sale priceFrom $677.00
Slope Pendant Lamp Sale price$534.00
Tora Pendant Lamp Sale price$515.00
Kiki Pendant Lamp Sale price$467.00
Miniforms DumboMiniforms Dumbo
Eclipse Table Lamp Sale price$720.00
round mirror Miniformsround mirror Miniforms
Coque Round Mirror Sale priceFrom $1,863.00
Cigales Mirror MiniformsCigales Mirror Miniforms
Cigales Mirror Sale priceFrom $1,584.00
Bubble Coat Hanger Sale price$1,422.00
Bigger Brothers Mirror Sale priceFrom $1,260.00
marble coffee tablemarble coffee table
Chap Coffee and Side Table Sale priceFrom $2,043.00


Miniforms is an Italian modern luxury furniture brand that has been creating beautiful and unique designs since the early 1970s. Known for their experimentation with materials, colors, and an avant-garde style, Miniforms furniture is entirely made in Italy by skilled artisans who are committed to making craftsmanship last. The company's goal is to revolutionize the often-stereotyped vision of common, everyday objects and create furniture that is both functional and visually appealing. Whether it's a dining table or coffee table Miniforms furniture collections are versatile and stylish, perfect for the modern home or office. The brand's commitment to originality and excellence has earned it numerous awards and recognition in the industry. One of the most notable designs in the Miniforms collection is the Soda Coffee Table by Yiannis Ghikis, which has received numerous awards for its unique and innovative design. The unique features of the Soda Table stem from the skill of the artisanal process. The design has collected six Awards that have made it famous in the world of modern luxury furniture, the Archiproducts Design Awards, Azure, ADI Design Index and Dezeen Awards. Miniforms' commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship while embracing innovation has been a driving force behind its success. By combining the skills and knowledge inherited from their family traditions with modern techniques and technologies, Miniforms artisans create furniture that harmoniously blends time-honored techniques with contemporary design. With a focus on sustainability, Miniforms takes pride in producing furniture that not only adds beauty to spaces but also minimizes its impact on the environment. Through careful material selection and responsible production processes, Miniforms strives to create pieces that are not only visually stunning but also ethically and environmentally conscious. The enduring appeal of Miniforms furniture lies not only in its aesthetic allure but also in its functionality and versatility. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs and desires of modern living, whether it's a dining table that serves as a gathering place for family and friends or a coffee table that complements the style and character of a contemporary space.