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Midj is an Italian brand with a long history. Since 1987 the company has been crafting aesthetically intriguing furniture with the collaboration of famous Italian and international designers. The attention that they dedicate to their work is represented in its high quality of furnishings.

Know-how is at the heart of this company. Industrial capacity and advanced technologies are their strength, but their mastery goes far beyond their craftsmanship vocation. Their designs interpret and innovate the idea of furniture, building aesthetically intriguing and joyful pieces for moments of happiness and comfort.

Midj in Italy. Made in Italy.

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Clessidra table MidjClessidra table Midj
Clessidra Dining Table Sale priceFrom $4,482.00
Clessidra Table MidjClessidra Table Midj
Clessidra CT Coffee Table Sale priceFrom $755.00
Pechino Table Midj Pechino Table Midj
Pechino Dining Table Sale priceFrom $3,393.00
Midj Midj
Plisse Table MidjPlisse table Midj
Plisse Dining Table Sale priceFrom $4,065.00
Forest table MidjForest table Midj
Forest Round Dining Table Sale price$5,038.00
Forest oval dining tableForest oval dining table
Forest Oval Dining Table Sale price$6,671.00
Midj apelleMidj apelle
Apelle AT M CU Lounge Chair Sale price$1,199.00
midj midj
Apelle Bookcase Sale priceFrom $1,507.00
round glass coffee tableround side table
Apelle Chic Coffee Table Sale priceFrom $351.00
Midj apelleMidj apelle
midj midj
Apelle Desk Table Sale price$2,875.00
Leather bar stoolLeather bar stool
Apelle M CU Leather Stool Sale priceFrom $733.00
Leather armchairLeather armchair
modern luxury furnituremodern luxury furniture
Apelle S M CU Side Chair Sale price$734.00
midj midj
Apelle Sideboard Sale price$3,384.00
midj midj
Apelle Tree Coat Hanger Sale price$412.00
Midj P47Midj P47
Midj P47Midj P47
office armchairoffice armchair
office armchairoffice armchair
midj midj
Calla M TS Bar/Counter Stool Sale priceFrom $524.00
midj midj
office armchair
office armchairoffice armchair
Dalia DPB TS Desk Armchair Sale price$842.00
Dalia Bar/Counter Stool Sale priceFrom $574.00
office armchair
MidjDalia Midj
office armchairDalia Midj
Midj Dalia S L TS chairDalia Midj
Guapa Coat Hanger Sale price$563.00
Guapa chair MidjGuapa chair Midj
office armchairoffice armchair
office armchair
Guapa DPB M CU Office Armchair Sale price$1,357.00
Guapa M CU Stool Sale priceFrom $1,053.00
leather armchairleather armchair
Guapa P M CU Leather Armchair Sale price$1,054.00
office armchairoffice armchair
Guapa S M CU Side Chair Sale price$883.00
wooden chairMidj Joe
Joe S M LG Wooden Chair Sale price$495.00

About Luxury Furniture Brand Midj

Midj: Beyond the Usual Stereotypes

Midj is an esteemed Italian brand with a rich history that moves beyond the usual stereotypes. Founded in 1987, Midj brings character to every space with its cherished designs. Collaborating with renowned Italian and international designers, they craft aesthetically captivating furniture. Their dedication to quality shines through in every piece they create. Expertise is at their core, blending industrial capacity and advanced technology. But their mastery extends beyond craftsmanship; they redefine furniture, creating delightful and stylish pieces for moments of happiness and comfort. With Midj, it's all about the essence of "Made in Italy."

The Essence of Italy in Every Piece

Italy is much more than a mere production location for Midj. It represents a way of life that has profoundly influenced the brand. Their commitment to designing, interpreting, and innovating the concept of furniture is deeply rooted in this rich cultural heritage. Over more than three decades, Midj has masterfully bridged the gap between artisanal craftsmanship and large-scale industrial production. This unique feat ensures that the hallmark features of meticulous craftsmanship, including attention to detail and the creation of high-quality products, remain integral to their manufacturing processes.

Dedication to Quality and Innovation

At the heart of Midj's global operations is a team of men and women guided by a comprehensive Code of Ethics. This code not only guarantees professional and competent support but also fosters a culture of ethical conduct and excellence. Midj's strength derives from the fusion of industrial capability and advanced technologies with an unwavering commitment to expertise that transcends the boundaries of conventional craftsmanship. Their collections are born from a relentless pursuit of versatility and continuous innovation, offering ideal solutions for both public and private spaces.

Why Choose Midj?

  • Italian Craftsmanship: Every piece embodies the essence of "Made in Italy," showcasing meticulous attention to detail and quality.

  • Versatile Designs: Midj offers versatile furniture solutions ideal for both public and private spaces.

  • Innovative Materials: Constantly exploring new materials and color palettes to ensure contemporary and fresh designs.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Adheres to ISO 14001:2015 standards, focused on reducing energy consumption and minimizing pollution.

  • Customization Options: Offers various customization options in materials, colors, and sizes to meet specific needs and preferences.

  • Ethical Conduct: Guided by a comprehensive Code of Ethics, ensuring professional and competent global support.

Top Products from Midj

  • Joe Stools: Wooden stools with a touch of 70s nostalgia, blending wood, fabric, steel, and leather for endless style combinations.

  • Clessidra Table: A functional architectural dining table with a unique hourglass shape.

  • Guapa Armchair: An elegantly designed chair with leather, combining comfort and strength with a light, airy feel.

  • Pechino Table: A versatile table with a metal base featuring intertwined beams supporting a solid wood, glass, or veneer top.

  • Pippi Chair: A playful chair with a curved metal tube structure covered in padded bi-elastic fabric.

  • Wrap Chair: Sleek chairs with a lacquered metal structure and an upholstered shell in leather, faux leather, or fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I purchase Midj's furniture and products?

    • Midj's furniture and products are available through various authorized retailers and dealers both in physical stores and online. The full Midj collection is available for purchase at Modern Loft.

  2. Does Midj offer customization options for their furniture?

    • Yes, Midj offers many customization options for their furniture pieces. You can often choose from various materials, colors, and sizes to tailor the furniture to your specific needs and preferences.

  3. What certifications and quality standards do Midj's products meet?

    • Midj complies with ISO 9001:2015 for quality standards. They are also committed to environmental responsibility, holding ISO 14001:2015 certifications. Additionally, specific international certifications are obtained for some products to ensure excellence and safety.

  4. Can I find quick-ship options for Midj's products?

    • Yes, Modern Loft offers quick-ship options for select products. These are readily available in the US and can be delivered to your home or project more efficiently.

Explore the elegance and innovation of Midj's furniture, where every piece is crafted to perfection, embodying the essence of Italian craftsmanship and modern design. Shop Modern Loft to discover the full collection and find the perfect addition to your home or project.