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Quaderna Writing Desk

Superstudio for Zanotta

Sale price$6,130.00

The Seventies were years of transition and rethinking, but also of visionary utopia which revolutionized parameters, thinking, styles and perspectives. With it's story, Quaderna represents the utopia of those years. The radical movement attempts to "go beyond the disciplinary aspect of design, that is to say the re-composition of contradictions at formal level, destroying... the usual image of the product".

The Quaderna Writing Desk has a honeycomb core structure coated with white plastic laminate, digitally printed with black squares at 3 cm spacing.


Product Designer: Superstudio

Established in Florence in 1966, Superstudio was a key contributor to radical architecture. They exhibited at New York's M.o.M.A. in 1972 and played a role in the "Global Tools" movement from 1973 to 1975. They held a solo exhibition in Rome in 1978 and have been teaching at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence since 1973. In 1982, the Israel Museum hosted a retrospective of their work.

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