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Servomuto Side Table

Achille Castiglioni for Zanotta

Sale price$710.00

Once more, Zanotta brings an everlasting object whose shape perfectly matches its function.

It has a stable base with a very limited hindrance; a thin vertical pole with a knob at the top to hold it and a round little table at an ideal height. In other words, Servomuto, light and easy to move, is the worthy heir of the essential stylish and balanced Cicognino by Franco Albini. It originated from the ashtray and umbrella stands explicitly designed by the Castiglioni brothers.

Achille Castiglioni, born in 1918, was a pioneering Milanese designer known for his innovative approach to design, including the use of new materials. He co-founded ADI, created iconic modern objects, and taught at the Milan Polytechnic until his death in 2002, leaving a lasting impact on design.

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