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Starting with a drawing of a round table featuring a central leg, designers introduced modularity to create a collection comprising two round tables (135 and 160 cm in diameter) and two oval tables (230 and 260 cm tabletops). The core of the design revolves around a structural base, serving as a standalone module or in combination with two asymmetrical legs. One leg, derived from a small section of the perimeter, forms a subtle yet distinctive shape, both stylish and functional for the entire collection. This leg can be used independently where tabletop dimensions permit or paired with another for added stability.

The second base results from merging multiple modules, achieving an asymmetrical visual equilibrium. Consequently, the table's appearance varies based on viewing angle and light dynamics.


Product Designer: Zaven

Zaven, founded in 2008 by Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno in Venice, operates at the intersection of product, graphic, interior design, and art direction. Their approach to design is research-driven, resulting in clear and focused outcomes, whether it's an everyday object or a visual communication project. Zaven collaborates widely across diverse creative fields, offers classes and workshops at various educational institutions, and began their partnership with Zanotta in 2022.

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