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Mezzadro is a loud and clear message of freedom to define the domestic spatial environment.

In 1970, Zanotta began production of the "Mezzadro," a revolutionary springy metal seat designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1957. Meaning “sharecropper” in Italian, the refined stool unites a standard metal tractor seat and bicycle wing nut with a steel spring stem and across the base of natural beech wood. Mezzadro uniquely blends Neo Vanguardism, Arte Povera, and Pop Art, combining elements from farming, cycling, and nautical worlds to challenge traditional design concepts.

Product Designers: Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Achille Castiglioni (1918 - 2002) and Pier Giacomo (1913-1968) were born in Milan where, together with their brother Livio (1911-1979) initiated their designing career entirely based on the research of “new” forms, techniques and materials. The aim was to attain an "integral" design process. Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni are among the founders of the Industrial Design Association. Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni started working for Zanotta in 1964.

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