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Genni Chaise Lounge Chair

Gabriele Mucchi for Zanotta

Sale price$5,630.00

In 1982, Zanotta reintroduced the Genni lounge chair, a creation by Gabriele Mucchi from 1935, showcasing its enduring charm and unexpectedly modern appeal.

The chair's design, featuring a curved, chromium-plated steel tube, epitomizes the design ethos of the rationalist architecture movement. This material choice reflects the early explorations and innovations in modern furniture design that emerged at the dawn of the previous century. The incline of the backrest can be adjusted in two different positions.

Product Designer: Gabriele Mucchi

Born in Turin in 1899, he emerged as a central figure in Milan's avant-garde and Rationalist architecture, notably contributing to the Via Marcora house and QT8 district. Diversely talented, he engaged in engineering, painting, and teaching, influencing various Milan Triennale and key architectural groups. After dedicating his later years exclusively to painting, his impactful legacy spanned architecture and art until his death in 2002.

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