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Article: The best Round dining table for 6 or more

Round dining table for 6

The best Round dining table for 6 or more

Create the Perfect Dining Room with a Round Table for 6 or more

Maximizing Space and Flow

Visually stunning and incredibly functional the large round dining table moves beyond the usual dining table stereotype.

One of the main benefits of a round dining table is the ability to easily converse with everyone seated at the table. There's a certain reserved charm to a round table that allows for easy and inclusive conversation among all guests.

A round dining table is perfect for relaxing in comfort, giving birth to a universe of serenity and calmness. It stands out for its noticeable personality and creates a mood that invokes conversations and socialization. Its versatility and ability to bring people together make it a perfect addition to any dining space.

It's all about form and texture with a round table, as the lack of corners creates a softer and more inviting atmosphere. Plus, the circular shape can make a small dining space feel larger and more open.

Study Shows How Round Tables Boost Engagement and Conversation

Drawing from the insightful study by Vujovic, Hernández-Leo, Tassani, and Spikol, it's evident that the shape of a table does more than just fill a room—it shapes the conversation and interaction that takes place around it. In the realm of collaborative learning, round tables have proven to enhance participation, particularly among younger learners, by fostering an environment of equality and engagement. This notion seamlessly translates to the dining room, where a round table can transform meals into more inclusive and connected experiences. Imagine a dining space where conversations flow effortlessly, and every guest feels equally part of the gathering.

The study's findings underscore the importance of considering not just the aesthetic appeal but also the functional dynamics that furniture brings into a space. In the context of creating the perfect dining room, a round table isn’t just a piece of furniture, but a catalyst for communal interaction and shared moments. Therefore, integrating the psychological and sociological insights from educational research into our home environments, particularly dining spaces, can lead to more harmonious and engaging social settings.

Elevate Your Dinner Parties with These Top Picks for Round Dining Tables

Here are a few of our designer approved round dining tables. Each one is customizable so it can be articulated in a rich combination of sizes, colors and materials.


Juice Round Dining Table

Round dining table for 6


The Miniforms Juice table was designed by E-ggs who created a monumental table with a meditative air. Its essence lies in the base, where the long wooden legs attach to a ring, encircling it. Juice, a table developed around the balance between filled and empty spaces, creates a sensation of perfect calmness.

The Juice table is available in different sizes, entirely made of wood or with a ceramic top.



Acco Round Dining Table

Round dining table for 6

Acco is an elegant dining table with a strong character that resists labelling. It displays a mature, sophisticated language, which is developed through the design of the base frame with its distinct regular pattern of wooden lines.


Plisse Table

Round dining table for 6

Plissé was born from the collaboration with Paola Navone, a collection of tables with an elegant, light and informal presence. In a slightly ironic way, Plissé pays homage to the world of fashion and the iconic pleated workmanship, so much in vogue in the 50s and 60s, and still trendy in fashion today: the base represents the distinctive feature of the collection. It is this is the element that captures the attention and gives character to the design.


Paul Round Extendable Dining Table

Round dining table for 6

The Paul Dining Table is an architectural dining table. The designers used flat steel legs to create a uniquely contemporary base.  It is a remarkable and highly functional design supporting a wooden or ceramic top.


Pixie Dining Table

Round dining table for 6

Pixie is the child within each of us.‎ An invitation to continue to dream, to sit around a table to eat, joke, play.‎ Available with an oval, round, or rectangular top in a wooden finish or completely lacquered.‎


Forest Dining Table

Round dining table for 6

Forest is a range of dining tables available in different shapes and materials, but all using the conical base set at an angle to give the appearance of a forest. 


Clessidra Dining Table

 Round dininig table for 6

The Clessidra (hourglass) Table by Midj is a creation from its in house studio. In this architectural dining table shaped like an hourglass. It is a remarkable and highly functional design.

We invite you to view Modern Loft's collection of round dining tables.

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