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Article: New and Exciting Designs from Salone del Mobile 2023

Salone del Mobile 2023

New and Exciting Designs from Salone del Mobile 2023

New from Salone del Mobile

Classic Designs Reimagined and Avant-Garde Pieces Unveiled

Salone del Mobile 2023 is the ultimate playground for design enthusiasts. It is the largest furniture fair in the world, and it brought together the most innovative and exciting trends and designs from all over the globe. As the date approached, we couldn't help but feel the excitement and anticipation building up.

This year's event was a game-changer. Sustainability was the buzzword, and we saw new ways in which designers embraced eco-consciousness. From upcycling to natural materials, we were treated to some of the most unique and unusual pieces that brought the beauty of nature into our homes.

But it wasn't all about Mother Earth - technology also played a significant role. Smart furniture, immersive installations, and more took over Salone del Mobile 2023. The boundary between physical and digital worlds blurred, and we were thrilled to see how designers integrated technology into our homes.

We can't forget about the talent that was on display. From classic designs reimagined to the latest avant-garde pieces, there was something for everyone. But it wasn't just about the designs - it was about the creatives behind them. This event was a hub of inspiration, and it was a chance for designers to connect with other creatives and find new sources of inspiration.

Salone del Mobile 2023 was a celebration of creativity, innovation, and sophistication. If you were a design enthusiast, you simply couldn't miss it. We were inspired, wowed, and had our minds blown by the sheer brilliance of the designs and the minds behind them.

Take a look at a few of the new and brilliant designs.

Salone del Mobile 2023

Trail Table by Lapalma

Giuseppe Bavuso designed TRAIL, a new table system added to our collection, featuring a distinctive aesthetic appeal based on lightness and elegance with a die-cast aluminum base with soft lines designed for use in various configurations. TRAIL includes a range of table sizes, from classic round tables to impressively large meeting tables, and its components can be disassembled for easy recycling, emphasizing the focus on sustainability made by Lapalma.


Salone del mobile 2023

Plauto Maxxxi by Miniforms

Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti designed the Plauto Maxxxi, which features Italian-style conviviality with a graceful design that is suitable for traditional family gatherings or contemporary corporate meetings; the table's imposing stature is balanced with pure wood elements, and its top can reach up to 6 meters in length, accommodating everyone at the table.


Brokis lighting

Bamboo Forest by Brokis

The Bamboo Forest is a unique lighting collection designed by Fumie Shibata, inspired by the vertical contours of bamboo stands, with hand-sculpted glass forms that create the soft accent of subtle shadows; the collection offers six different variants of lights that can be combined to create original compositions or single-point accent lighting in interior spaces, enhanced by the innovative BROKIS connector that simplifies installation, maintenance, and cleaning.


Civitas Bookshelf Midj

Civitas Bookshelf by Midj

Designed by Giulio Iacchetti, Civitas is a modular system composed of extruded aluminum joints and shelves in lacquered MDF or aluminum, available in two different widths and usable within the same configuration for both vertical and horizontal growth; the system requires wall fixing and bracing for shelves, and its name is a metaphor for the city that grows neatly on the matrix of the Roman camp, allowing the bookshop to also grow and transform.


Raquette Billiani

Raquette by Billiani

The Raquette collection, designed by Cristina Celestino, pays homage to the ancient technique of intertwining wooden slats, taking inspiration from the world of tennis through its sides that resemble racquet strings with textured latticework within the frame, while the wooden structure and soft organic cushioning combine in perfect harmony to assure exquisitely contemporary comfort.



Canarie Baskets

Canarie Basket by Pinetti

Canaria is a brand new family of baskets available in different sizes that can be used as a magazine holder, blanket or shoes holder, or simply as a decorative piece. These hand-woven baskets, made of eco-friendly leather and available in more than 15 shades, are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and the generous round basket is ideal for storing beach towels, sandals, or shoes, making it a valuable addition to a patio, poolside, or yacht.


Nebula Chair

Nebula by Miniforms

E-ggs designed Nebula, which has a dense and enveloping design, but is lightened by slender lines towards the blue. Nebula is composed of a chair, armchair, and lounge, each with different types of bases to adapt to any type of landing, and the shell is made exclusively of fire retardant and totally recyclable polyurethane material.


Lusto Stool

Lusto Stool by Lapalma

The LUSTO stool, designed by Karri Monni, takes inspiration from the observation of the roots that unite to form the trunk of a plant, hence the name LUSTO, which in Finnish indicates the circles on the trunk of a tree. The stool's legs rise upwards until they converge to reach the seat, which presents an original rounded square shape, while the footrest, in painted metal, takes up this profile.


 New Salone del mobile


Lilly Box by Pinetti

The Lily collection features sophisticated cylindrical decorative boxes covered in fine taupe leather and adorned with tone on tone embroidery. Available in two finishes, three sizes, and five nubuck colors, it provides a luxurious storage solution for jewelry essentials.


Planum Table Midj

Planum Table by Midj

The Planum Table, designed by Studio Pastina, is a fixed table with a four-legged base and a stained ash wood structure. It features a variety of rectangular tops in different materials, including ash veneered wood, glass, crystalceramic or marble, and stands out with its simple and linear lines.


Elo Pendant Brokis

Elo Pendant by Brokis

Designer Filippo Mambretti's Elo is an innovative suspension light that blends BROKISGLASS textures with elegant aluminium framing. The light's three articulated arches, with the outer two adjustable, provide a variety of striking scenographic compositions that can shape the interior and lend it a dominant design element, while flexible LEDs follow the curvature of the arches to produce a charming diffusion of light.


Kami Stool Lapalma

Kami Stool by Lapalma

The Kami Stool by Mario Ferrarini is an origami-inspired stool of extreme originality and versatility that elegantly expands the Lapalma collection. Made from plywood, the stool combines fantasy and functionality, with a comfortable grip and a welcoming 'cradle' profile, and is easily stackable, following you everywhere like a notebook for moments of relaxation and creativity.


Superpop Miniforms

Superpop Coffee Tables by Miniforms

Superpop has turned recycling and color into an art form, resulting in a supersustainable, superlight, and supercool coffee table, bedside table, and stool. Made from recycled and recyclable plastic, the coffee tables come in four colors, including Super White, Super Red, Super Blue, and Super Black, and are designed with a green, circular approach that reduces their environmental impact while maintaining their characteristics.



Innovation and Inspiration during Milan Design Week

One of the reasons why Salone del Mobile is so special is because every year, new designs are unveiled. We treasure innovation, and this event is the perfect showcase for it. We look forward to seeing new ideas and concepts brought to life by designers, as it inspires us to think outside the box and challenge our preconceptions of what's possible.

There's something about new design inspiration that's thrilling. It's like discovering a whole new world of possibilities, and the excitement is palpable. Each piece is a work of art, carefully crafted and designed to make a statement. Whether it's a bold statement piece or a subtle addition that ties a room together, every design has a unique story to tell.

At Salone del Mobile, we're not just witnessing the unveiling of new designs - we're also immersing ourselves in the world of design. From the latest color trends to the way light plays with different textures, it's a chance to see and experience the beauty of design in all its forms. It's a reminder that design isn't just about aesthetics - it's about creating a functional and comfortable space that reflects our personality and lifestyle.

In the end, Salone del Mobile is more than just a furniture fair - it's a celebration of creativity, innovation, and design. It's a reminder of how much we value the power of design to transform our homes and our lives. It's a chance to discover new inspiration, connect with other creatives, and leave feeling inspired and energized.

New Salone del mobile

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