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Article: The Miniforms Soda Table - What Makes it so popular? Understanding Its Enduring Appeal

The Miniforms Soda Table - What Makes it so popular?

The Miniforms Soda Table - What Makes it so popular? Understanding Its Enduring Appeal

The Miniforms Soda is an Award Winner

Greek designer Yiannis Ghikas has created a brilliant customer-favorite - The Soda Table. It's an extraordinary round glass coffee table that never gets tired of winning.

Soda has collected seven Awards so far that has made it world famous, the Archiproducts Design Awards, Azure, ADI Design Index, Edward Haimson and Dezeen Awards.

Miniforms Soda Table Awards



How It's Made

Only a handful of artisans on the island of Murano have the technical knowledge and expertise required to produce something like this. This is why an all glass coffee table such as this one is extremely short in supply.

The process of making a Miniforms Soda table begins with a single piece of Murano blown glass. This glass is carefully placed in a Murano furnace, where three expert glass-makers work their magic. They use a sophisticated burner system to maintain a consistent temperature across the mold, which is crucial for achieving a textured, hammered appearance. The end result is a single glass piece with a stem consisting of three large petals.

The geometry of the Soda is quite astonishing, as it plays with light and shadows, forming various shapes as your viewpoint shifts. When you observe it from a particular angle, you'll notice darker areas due to the overlapping glass layers. The texture of the glass, which we can't influence, adds to this distinct quality, a result of the artisan's craftsmanship.

The Soda table represents a fusion of creative brilliance, cutting-edge technology, and extensive research.

Soda Table Blow Glass Production


The Miniforms Soda Table at Modern Loft

At Modern Loft this design has become a favorite. Our Soda tables are in stock so they can ship out right away. The table is available in four colors and two sizes, a brilliant amber, a classy petrol green, a mystical amethyst and a whispering blue grey.

In addition to its classic round design, the Miniforms Soda Table offers versatility through two additional shapes: square and oval. These alternative shapes provide even more options for tailoring this stunning glass coffee table to your specific interior design needs. While square and oval versions are not currently displayed on our website, do inquire with our team about these exciting customization choices to make them yours.

 Soda Table amber petrol green amethyst blue grey


How the Soda Table Perfectly Fits Modern Interior Trends

When considering the Miniforms Soda Table in the context of design trends, it's evident that this exceptional piece aligns seamlessly with contemporary interior aesthetics. Here are some key points to highlight its compatibility with current design trends:

  1. Minimalism and Clean Lines: The Soda Table's elegant, minimalistic design, characterized by its simple, round shape and glass construction, resonates with the core principles of minimalism, emphasizing clean lines and uncluttered spaces.

  2. Transparency and Light: Glass tables, like the Soda Table, are gaining popularity due to their ability to introduce transparency and lightness into interiors. This design trend aims to create a sense of openness and airiness, making small spaces appear larger.

  3. Versatility: Its versatile design allows the Soda Table to effortlessly blend with various interior design styles, making it an ideal addition to both modern and contemporary settings.

  4. Sustainability: As an advocate of sustainability, the use of glass in furniture design is aligned with the growing trend of eco-consciousness in interior design. Glass is a recyclable material, contributing to more sustainable design choices.

  5. Reflecting Nature: Glass tables can create a sense of bringing the outdoors in, which is in line with the biophilic design trend, aiming to connect interior spaces with the natural world. The Soda Table's reflective surface complements this approach beautifully.

The Soda Table seamlessly fits within and enhances today's interior design trends, making it an attractive choice for those seeking both style and functionality in their living spaces.

Soda coffee table green

Miniforms and Yiannis Ghikas

The Soda coffee table is a product of the collaboration between Yiannis Ghikas and the cool Italian brand, Miniforms. Miniforms is all about elegance, lightness, and expressiveness, which are their guiding principles. This brand is known for its creative and charismatic approach to modern furniture. They've been shaping contemporary home furniture since the early 1970s, aiming to charm, captivate, and win hearts with their designs. Craftsmanship is a deeply rooted tradition in their family, and they ensure that each piece is built to endure. Glassmakers, ceramicists, and carpenters, all play a crucial role in creating these objects, contributing their unique skills to the final product.

Yiannis Ghikas designer of the Soda Table

Favorite Miniforms Products

Discover the world of Miniforms, where products become designer favorites. From a tribute to a legendary tenor to tables that create a sense of calmness and lamps that redefine modern design, Miniforms offers a range of stunning products that fans love. Here are some of their most notable designs:

  • Caruso Cabinet: An homage to the renowned Italian tenor, the Caruso Cabinet seamlessly integrates into any architectural setting. It not only exudes elegance but also surprises with its musical capabilities. With a simple touch on your smartphone, this cabinet transforms into a 50-watt speaker, delivering music with astonishing clarity and depth via built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Juice Table: The Juice Table is a monument of calmness. Its wooden legs attach to a ring, creating a sense of balance between filled and empty spaces. Loved by interior designers and architects worldwide, this table brings a meditative air to any space.

  • Ozz Lamp: The Ozz Lamp is a statement of minimal and modern design. Its black metal frame, adjustable arch, and concrete counterweight give it a dynamic and formal presence. Whether as a wall lamp or a floor lamp, it demands attention with its dramatic trajectory and bold design.

  • Barry Table: Barry is a distinctly graphic table that combines solidity and lightness. Its unique leg design adds personality to any space, and it comes with a range of elegant finishings, including marble, ceramic, and wooden tops.

Each of these Miniforms products showcases the brand's commitment to creating not just furniture but pieces of art that enhance your living space. 

The Original Soda Table vs the Knockoffs

The Soda Table's extraordinary design and widespread acclaim have sparked the creation of imitation versions. While imitation may be a form of admiration, choosing the authentic Soda Table is paramount to experiencing its exceptional quality. When it comes to iconic furniture design, authenticity is irreplaceable. Here are key pointers to help you distinguish an original Soda Table from a knockoff:

  1. Price Discrepancies: One of the most evident signs is a notably lower price. If a deal appears too good to be true, it's a strong indication that you might be encountering a counterfeit rather than an authentic Soda Table.
  2. Materials Quality: Examine the materials used meticulously. Knockoffs often employ lower-quality materials, lacking the durability and craftsmanship found in the authentic Soda Table, renowned for its handcrafted Murano blown glass.
  3. Design Accuracy: Compare the table's design to the original Soda Table. Knockoffs may struggle to replicate the precise color, and ethereal and textured profile of the authentic table, resulting in noticeable design disparities.
  4. Lack of Brand Information: Authentic Soda Tables are typically accompanied by comprehensive brand information, including the manufacturer's name (Miniforms), guaranteeing their authenticity. The absence of such information should raise suspicion and prompt you to opt for the genuine Soda Table.


Miniforms Soda Table Original vs Knockoff


Shipping and Assembly

When it comes to the Soda tables, convenience and care are at the forefront of the shipping and assembly process. These tables are usually readily available in stock, with a manageable lead time of around 2-3 weeks for delivery.

When your Soda table arrives, it will be transported by truck, ensuring a safe and efficient journey to your doorstep. Assembly is a breeze, as there are no complex steps involved. The tables are thoughtfully packaged in a sturdy wooden crate to safeguard them during transit. Opening the crate is a straightforward task, requiring nothing more than a simple screwdriver. However, it's essential to handle the table with care upon delivery, as the glass is quite delicate. With these considerations in mind, you can look forward to a hassle-free experience from the moment your Soda table arrives until it graces your living space.

Soda Table Modern Loft Packaging

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