Libris Extensible - Beech Plywood Top

Carlos Tiscar for Capdell


The magic of the LIBRIS drop-down tables were inspired by books and how their sheets are made.

The sheets of these tables are bound by a carbon fiber back. It swivels and then unfolds to double the surface of the table. The movement, twist and unfold of this design is inspired by the old dutch gaming tables. When it opens it surprises us with its enlarged surface.

Tradition, culture and taste for the Capdell’s woodwork are reflected in the curved and laminated wood arches that together with the solid wood beams support the laminated panel tops.

Made in Spain


Production time 4 weeks


DEPTH 59.1 inches
HEIGHT 29.1 inches
WIDTH 35.4 inches

Extensible 4.7" × 3.5" to 7.1" 

Extensible 5.9" × 3.5" to 7.1"

Beech plywood top

All Capdell products have a five year warranty.

Capdell transforms natural wood into inspiration. 

For the last 50 years they've imagined it and sculpted it into comfortable, functional and timeless products.

The brand provides quality, hand finished, upholstered pieces in an inspiring variety of colors that will embrace any kind of space. 

Founded in Valencia, Spain the company has always created designs that not only to fulfill their function as a piece of furniture, but also pass ergonomics and resilience testing. The result is a very personal collection which integrates contract-quality furniture with modern design.

Capdell also has a strong commitment to sustainability. They choose to work with renewable raw materials, varnishes and lacquers that are specifically selected in order to produce a minimal environmental impact.

They’ve worked with designers and architects such as Carlos Tiscar, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Francesc Rifé, Fran Silvestre, Gabriel Teixidó, Marcel Sigel, Mario Ruiz, Patrick Noguet, Vicent Martinez and Yonoh.

Modern Loft is proud to be an authorized USA Dealer for all Capdell products.

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