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Article: The Sacco Chair by Zanotta: Its Ever-Adapting Presence Seen in Three Iconic Projects

sacco chair The Sacco Chair by Zanotta in Three Iconic Projects
sacco bean bag

The Sacco Chair by Zanotta: Its Ever-Adapting Presence Seen in Three Iconic Projects

From Trastevere to the Olympic Village: Showcasing The Sacco Bean Bag 

In the dynamic world of interior design, few pieces have stood the test of time with the grace and versatility of the Sacco Bean Bag by Zanotta. A marvel of Italian design, the Sacco Bean Bag has not only redefined the concept of seating but has also seamlessly integrated itself into diverse architectural narratives, becoming a symbol of comfort and style. This blog post embarks on a visual and conceptual journey through three distinctive projects, each showcasing the Sacco Bean Bag in a unique light, proving its adaptability and timeless appeal:

  1. Studio Campa: A meditative space in the heart of Trastevere, Rome, where introspection meets urban dialogue.
  2. Blue Quinta: A strikingly modern apartment in Naples, where industrial chic meets the soft comfort of the Sacco Bean Bag.
  3. Casa B-Star: A contemporary reinterpretation of space in the Olympic Village, paying homage to architectural heritage while embracing modern living.

Each project tells a story of space, design, and the irreplaceable presence of the Sacco Bean Bag, illustrating how a simple piece of furniture can transcend its form to become an integral part of the living experience.


Studio Campa : A Touch of Comfort in the Heart of Trastevere

In the bustling heart of Rome's Trastevere, known for its labyrinth of cobbled streets and vibrant nightlife, lies an oasis of calm and introspection: a doctor's office thoughtfully reimagined by Studio Campa with Michela Ekström Architettura at the architectural helm. The project, set within the walls of a 1970s building, was not just a mere restyling but a profound dialogue between the interior and the urban fabric outside.

This space, originally veiled in secrecy with its opaque glass and an inherent tendency towards introversion, posed a unique challenge. The essence of this redesign was to establish a conversation with the locale, to bridge the gap between the indoors and the vibrant life that Trastevere is known for. And so, the theme of relationship, of fostering a dialogue with the place, became the cornerstone of the entire project.

Enter the Sacco Bean Bag by Zanotta, a piece that, much like the project itself, blurs the lines between form and function, comfort and aesthetics. In this meticulously curated space, the Sacco Bean Bag does not merely exist; it converses, it engages, it embraces. It's not just a piece of furniture but a statement of flexibility and relaxation amidst the structured world of medical professionalism.

The genius of Michela Ekström Architettura’s design lies in its use of mirrors, which, by developing along a broken line, lend a dynamic character to the space. This artful arrangement of reflective surfaces shatters the typological rigidity of the office, allowing the vibrant exterior of Trastevere to filter in, layering the interior with the rhythm, variations, and vivacity of the streets. The Sacco Bean Bag sits amidst this interplay of light and reflection, its form fluid and ever-changing with the room, a testament to the adaptive nature of design and life.

In this restyled space, characterized by white surfaces and bespoke joinery volumes, the Sacco Bean Bag finds its place, bringing with it a touch of softness and reprieve. It stands as an invitation to pause and reflect, a soft, comforting presence amidst the abstract purity of the interior. Here, Daniele Vergari's photography captures more than just a design; it encapsulates a feeling, a mood, an atmosphere. Through his lens, the Sacco Bean Bag is not just seen; it is felt, experienced, and lived.

The project by Studio Campa and Michela Ekström Architettura, captured so eloquently by Daniele Vergari's photography, is a narrative of space and texture, light and reflection, introspection and dialogue. And at the heart of this narrative, the Sacco Bean Bag by Zanotta stands not just as a piece of furniture but as a character, a presence that completes and complements the space, proving that even in the most unexpected of places, comfort and style can find their home.

Zanotta Sacco Studio Campa

Blue Quinta: The Canvas of Naples Sky in an Urban Oasis

Perched atop the hilltop district of Arenella-Vomero, the Blue Quinta renovation project unfolds like a poetic narrative against the backdrop of the captivating gulf of Naples. This 82 sqm apartment, envisioned by sunostudio como Arquitectos, is more than a living space; it's a testament to the power of design in transforming perceptions and experiences of space.

The client's vision was dual-fold: to compress the space to unveil a generous living area, while maintaining an essential sleeping area, intertwined seamlessly with a functional restroom. But the true magic begins right at the threshold, where a striking blue volume, reminiscent of the vast Naples sky, welcomes guests with an immediate and powerful visual impact. This volumetric marvel, like a theatrical "Quinta," serves as an aesthetically pleasing and practical demarcation between the living and sleeping quarters, orchestrating a symphony of spaces in harmony.

In this apartment, the Sacco Bean Bag by Zanotta finds its place, not just as a furnishing but as a statement of comfort amidst the industrial chic setting. Resting nonchalantly against the raw, exposed concrete elements at the heart of Blue Quinta, the Sacco Bean Bag resonates with the industrial language of the living space. It's a soft counterpoint to the hard concrete, a whisper of comfort in the midst of urban rigor.

Photographer Carlo Oriente masterfully captures the essence of this space, where each element is meticulously curated to resonate with the industrial theme. The choice of wide floor tiles with a metallic finish blankets the open space, reinforcing the industrial character, while the Sacco Bean Bag introduces a tactile contrast, inviting touch and repose in the midst of sleek surfaces.

The genius of Blue Quinta lies in its multifunctional custom-made furniture, which not only incorporates the kitchen into the living room but also harbors a laundry and storage space adjoining the bedroom area. The blue volume gently cradles the bare concrete elements, highlighting them as aesthetic centerpieces of the living room. In this industrial ballet, materials are not just chosen; they are celebrated for their raw beauty and intrinsic character.

As one transitions to the private quarters, the minimalist yet functional ethos continues. A walk-in closet and a hidden laundry space carved into the walls provide efficient and generous storage, embodying the quintessence of modern urban living. The spaces are defined yet fluid, separated by a system of sliding doors that offer flexibility and an unspoken promise of adaptability to the rhythms of life.

In the heart of Blue Quinta, the Sacco Bean Bag by Zanotta is more than a seating option; it's a nod to the timeless need for comfort and a touch of whimsy in the fast-paced narrative of urban life. Through the lens of Carlo Oriente, each frame of this apartment is a dialogue between space and material, a balance between the industrial and the intimate, and a dance between the robustness of concrete and the softness of the Sacco Bean Bag. It's not just a space; it's a story of contrasts, harmony, and the timeless allure of Naples, captured in the hues of the sky and the fabric of a bean bag.

sacco armchair in Blue Quinta

Casa B-Star: Harmonizing Space and Heritage in the Olympic Village

In the serene embrace of the Olympic Village's greenery, Casa B-Star stands as a contemporary testament to thoughtful design and reverence for architectural heritage. This flat, reimagined by the creative vision of Camilla Thermes, is a symphony of space, light, and homage to the great architects of the past.

The flat's original layout, characterized by regular floor plans and ribbon windows, presented a unique canvas for reinterpretation. The living areas, formally unchanged, breathe a new life through the removal of vertical partitions, allowing for a fluidity of movement and interaction between spaces. It's in this dance of the old and the new that the Sacco Bean Bag by Zanotta finds its place, not merely as a piece of furniture but as an embodiment of modern comfort and timeless elegance.

Photographer Gianluca Maria Fiore captures the essence of Casa B-Star with a discerning eye, where each frame is a celebration of space and light. The Sacco Bean Bag, in its understated sophistication, complements the linear clean lines of the flat, adding a layer of tactile warmth to the minimalist aesthetic. It's a sanctuary of softness in a space defined by its architectural clarity, a quiet nod to the need for personal comfort in the midst of urban sophistication.

In this architectural narrative, a new axis with linear development runs parallel to the existing central distribution axis, introducing a second bathroom and a small wardrobe serving the bedrooms. This addition is not just a functional enhancement but a design statement, seamlessly integrating with the flat's overall harmony.

The use of colored ceramics pays a subtle yet profound tribute to the great architects behind the 'Village' project. This material, a distinctive feature of the entire complex, is woven into the fabric of Casa B-Star, not just as a design element but as a narrative thread connecting the present to the rich architectural tapestry of the past.

In Casa B-Star, the Sacco Bean Bag by Zanotta stands as a testament to the fluidity of modern design, where comfort and elegance coexist in a space that respects its architectural lineage while boldly embracing contemporary living. Through the lens of Gianluca Maria Fiore, each corner of this flat tells a story of harmony, heritage, and the timeless allure of design that honors the past while celebrating the present. Here, in the heart of the Olympic Village, Casa B-Star is not just a flat; it's a dialogue between eras, a confluence of space and sentiment, and a home where every detail, from the colored ceramics to the fabric of a bean bag, is a part of a larger, more beautiful story.

sacco chair in Casa B-Star

Conclusion: The Sacco Bean Bag 

As we conclude our exploration of the Sacco Bean Bag's versatility in these three distinct projects, its role as a staple of modern design is undeniable. It's a piece that seamlessly blends functionality and elegance, adapting effortlessly to various interior themes. Whether set against the introspective backdrop of Trastevere, the vibrant industrial chic of Naples, or the heritage-rich Olympic Village, the Sacco Bean Bag stands out as a testament to timeless design and comfort.

For those inspired by its adaptability and style, the Sacco Bean Bag is available for purchase at Modern Loft. Catering to diverse tastes and spaces, it comes in three different sizes and offers a wide array of upholstery and leather options, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your own unique space. Embrace the fusion of comfort and style with the Sacco Bean Bag, and let it transform your living experience.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What sizes are available for the Sacco Bean Bag?
    The Sacco Bean Bag is available in three sizes: Classic Anatomical Armchair, Sacco Medium, and Sacco Small. These options allow it to fit comfortably into various spaces, catering to different size requirements and seating preferences.

  2. What upholstery and leather options are available for the Sacco Bean Bag?
    The Sacco Bean Bag is available with various cover options, including upholstered in Vip, Tulip, Pied De Poule, or Leather​. You can explore the different options on Modern Loft's website.

  3. Can the Sacco Bean Bag be used in outdoor settings, and how does it withstand various weather conditions? The Sacco Bean Bag is indeed suitable for outdoor use. The VIP fabric cover is suitable for outdoor settings, being fire-resistant, anti-bacterial, and designed with Silverguard® and Permablock 3® treatments for added protection.

  4. Where can I purchase the Sacco Bean Bag, and what should I consider before making a purchase? The Sacco Chair can be purchased on Modern Loft's website. Consider if it'll be used by a smaller or larger person in order to determine which size you might need. Also consider the environment its placed in to choose the best fabric or leather for its covering.

  5. How does the Sacco Bean Bag maintain its shape and comfort over time? The Sacco Chair maintains its shape and comfort over time thanks to its envelope containing highly resistant expanded polystyrene pellets.



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