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Area Sofa DV2 M TS, DV2_DRM M TS and DV2_BR M TS

Studio Pastina for Midj

Sale price$2,808.00

Area is our first collection of sofas which faithfully represents the concept of transversality underlying our entire production. The collection is proposed as a complete solution to the needs of private and public spaces. Designed by Studio Pastina, it combines incredibly soft seats with an essential and clean design. The soft and welcoming volumes of the seat, back, and armrests, harmoniously and dynamically accompany the body.

The concept of comfort explored by Studio Pastina is here declined in a collection that brings together aesthetics and functionality. From domestic to public spaces, Area satisfies a precise need: put people at ease, whether at home or in the office. Area welcomes all those who wish to find a moment of relaxation or conviviality while waiting for an appointment or business meeting.


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