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Solid Walnut


Solid wood tops are obtained from the trunk of the tree, in particular from the heartwood, or the inner part (the less young one). Each top has unique characteristics in terms of veins and knots due to the natural origin of the material. To reach the widths necessary for the realization of a top for domestic use, several floorboards/strips are joined together in an effort to maintain the greater possible uniformity.



For the regular cleaning schedule of Solid woos tops, use a wet sponge with mild soap diluted in water or specific products. Dry after each application with a cloth or absorbent paper. Do not use abrasive products. In case of accidental release of liquid substances, dab immediately the surface with absorbent paper or a dry, clean cloth. Avoid proximity to heat sources. Expose the solid wood surfaces to light, for example by opening periodically the extensions of the tables that are placed inside the structures, or by moving any objects such as vases and accessories generally resting on the top.