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New designs from Milan!

New Launches exhibited At Salone Del Mobile 2022

Prestigious collaborations, new products and a renewed proposal of materials were on display at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Discover a rich collection of new product by our brand partners featuring the finest materials and masterful innovation.


Spike Table Midj

Spike Table for Midj

The Spike Table was an engineering challenge but with a reduction of components designer Giulio Iacchetti managed to create a table that is light and essential.



Edelweiss Billiani

Edelweiss for Billiani

Swiss designer Philippe Bestenheider experiment with wood to create the Edelweiss collection of chairs, stools and lounge chairs. The collection is characterized by circular holes that are punched into the arched form of the large plywood back for a light, airy design.



Dalia Midj

Dalia Collection for Midj

The Dalia collection has been a favorite among interior designers. Designed by Beatriz Sempere,  the collection is now enriched with a few new components: a high back lounge chair, pouf and coffee table.




Jazz Bookcase Lapalma

Jazz Bookcase for Lapalma

The Jass Bookcase gives rhythm to contemporary spaces. The design conceals precise harmony behind apparent disorder. Lapalma's new artistic director Giuseppe Bavuso created a bookcase that spreads like tree branches in opposite and unexpected directions. 



Zigo Coffee Table

Zigo Coffee Table for Miniforms

The Zigo coffee and side-table features a cast glass top with a lacquered or zinc-coated metal structure. Concentric centers ripple out, playing with the transparencies of cast glass. Glass finishes are available in amber, petrol green, amethyst and blue.





Akashi Table Midj

Akashi Table for Midj

Essential and clean lined, the Akashi table designed by Paolo Vernier highlights simplicity and functionality by focusing on proportions and balance.



Nara Stool Capdell

Nara Stool for Capdell

Nara is family of height adjustable stools. It has a markedly symmetrical character, since all its curves are balanced on both axes. Mario Ruiz designed the seat with an ergonomic curvature that adapts to the shapes of the body, providing comfort when sitting.




Monoplauto Table Miniforms

Monoplauto Table for Miniforms

The Monoplauto Table, like Plauto has characteristic leaf-shaped legs, but now the two legs have merged into one, making the monolithic inspiration behind its design even more evident. Designed by Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti.




Plise Table Midj

Plissé Table for Midj

The Plisse table has a strong yet elegant presence. In a slightly ironic way, the Plissé table pays homage to the world of fashion and the iconic pleated work, so much in vogue in the 50s and 60s, and still trendy in today’s fashion.




Wing Tip Chair Lapalma

Wing Tip Lounge chair for Lapalma

The Wing Tip chair is comfortable lounge chair that was designed by Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll. Extraordinarily original in design it is ideal for waiting and relaxation rooms.




Cross Stool Lapalma

Cross Stool for Lapalma

Designed by Mario Ferrarini the shape is inspired by the seat of a sports bike. The Cross stool is what its name promises: a passage, a crossing. Born from the observation of the airport it has a fluid and welcoming profile.




Glove Stool Lapalma

Glove Stool for Lapalma

The Glove stool is soft as a "glove". Designed by Francesco Rota it is distinguished by a high backrest, and  comfortable padding that envelops the entire seat, GLOVE welcomes and seems to “fit” the person who sits there.



Bolle Midj

Bolle for Midj

All elements in the Bolle outdoor collection are characterized by the macro-perforated backrest design that is inspired by the light spirit of bubbles. Bolle is an outdoor collection that offers a soft aesthetic and a design with a Mediterranean flavor, to experience environments en plen air with originality. Designed by Paola Navone.




S1 Chair Midj

S1 Chair by Midj

The S1 chair is a simple chair with a four-legged base and a full backrest and balanced proportions. The S1 Chair's backrest has a delicately enveloping shape, which widens at the top, to offer adequate support to the back and shoulders.




Container Sideboard Miniforms

Container Sideboard by Miniforms

The Container sideboard springs from industrial inspiration. Its name clearly points to its purpose: to contain. It is accentuated by a beautiful range of lacquered colors.




Bice Chair Miniforms

Bice Chair by Miniforms

Bice is a chair with a flap-ears backrest. It has a slim profile with an essential design which is juxtaposed by its unique backrest. The Bice chair was designed by e-ggs.




Woody Table Midj

Woody Table by Midj

The Woody Table includes a square table, rectangular table, high and extendable table.  It’s round section legs give it character.



Clessidra Midj

Clessidra Table by Midj

To add to the much loved Clessidra Table for dining the collection now includes a table with a unique base and 3 coffee tables. The base of Clessidra has an evocative shape born from the creative mind of Midj's president and designer, Paolo Vernier.



Tototo Coffee Table

Tototò Coffee Table for Miniforms

Tototò is a low table made of rock hard terracotta. It needs 100% high-temperature terracotta and the hands of an artisan to achieve its distinctive earthy color and unique shape. Paolo Capello and Simone Sabatti designed the Tototo coffee table with a full but soft shape.



Foil Chair

Foil Armchair for Lapalma

The new armchair designed by Francesco Rota has a lean and essential silhouette and, looking at it closely, it seems to take flight towards the most varied design fields.



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