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About Zanotta

Zanotta's catalog boasts over 150 unique items created by 143 designers from 18 different countries, reflecting an extraordinary diversity of creative visions. What unites these pieces and defines the essence of the Zanotta project is their unwavering commitment to originality, be it the timeless contributions of historical masters or the emerging talents like Roberto Barbieri in the 1990s and more recent innovators such as Damian Williamson and Frank Rettenbacher.


Zanotta's products stand as pioneering landmarks in typology, technology, and aesthetics, with many earning recognition as iconic design pieces featured in academic literature and prestigious decorative arts exhibitions worldwide. Among these, perennial favorites like the Sacco, Mezzadro, Sciangai, Quaderna, Tonietta, and Leonardo continue to capture hearts and remain as relevant and coveted today as they were in decades past.


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