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1085 Edition

Choosing a product made of this type of hide means owning an item that expresses a philosophy and a lifestyle that are unique and exclusive. Tannins give entirely vegetable-tanned hide its special golden colour, which is socharacteristic that it has its own Pantone colour code.For operators in the sector, the Presot® colour is a well-known aspect that refers to thespecific features of uniqueness and distinctiveness.The same “smell of hide” is something original and characterised by an unmistakablesensation.Vegetable-tanned hide perfectly expresses the naturalness of leather because it has nocovering finishes.Its appearance constantly changes, since the signs of everyday life remain pleasantlyimpressed, giving each “butt” its precious uniqueness.The colours of the tannins used in the tanning process tend to re-emerge over time,depending on the shades that are employed for its specific uses.Therefore, there is not much point in giving advice for maintenance, since even the greaseon the skin of your fingers may leave its indelible mark on the chair, nonetheless, we wouldlike to give you a few tips:- Do not use damp cloths because there is a risk of increasing the degradation processesof the hide and of irreversibly darkening it. Products used for consolidating and rehydratingmay also darken it.- Please note that more frequent use of the same chair will cause it to wear more thanothers.- A good precaution is always to try out a cleaning product or method on a hidden corner ofthe chair.- It is advisable to keep the product away from direct sources of heat - such as radiators orfireplaces - and sources of light - such as windows - since they may considerably alter thecolour of the hide.- For liquid stains, it is essential, when possible, to promptly clean with an absorbent cloth,being careful not to spread the stain but to reduce it as far as possible, with movements fromthe outer part of the stain to the centre. For grease stains, such as chocolate, jam, lipstick,etc., any excess should be promptly removed with a non-abrasive object, for example, ateaspoon, always taking care not to spread the stain but to reduce it as far as possible, withmovements from the outer part of the stain to the centre.Marks that denote qualityThe presence of wrinkles and minor defects (scars, stains and streaks) guarantees thenaturalness of the product.Any scars left by cuts during the flaying process of hide are visible, as well as any traces offolding of the hide in barrels, or any marks left by wrinkles around the collar.Each mark on Presot® hide tells a unique and beautiful story and should be accepted, betterstill appreciated.