Midj in Italy | Spreading the best of design around the world

Midj : a brand that moves beyond the usual stereotypes. 


Midj delights us with treasured designs that lend character to any setting.

An Italian brand with a long history, Midj has been crafting aesthetically intriguing furniture with the collaboration of famous Italian and international designers. The attention that they dedicate to their work is represented in its high quality of furnishings.

Know-how is at the heart of this company. Industrial capacity and advanced technologies are their strength, but their mastery goes far beyond their craftsmanship vocation. Their designs interpret and innovate the idea of furniture, building aesthetically intriguing and joyful pieces for moments of happiness and comfort.

Midj in Italy. Made in Italy.


Let's explore the best of Midj's products.


Joe Stools

Joe is a wooden stool that is reminiscent of the 70s, reinterpreted in a modern key. The warmth of wood and fabric clashes with the cold steel and leather, creating infinite combinations of style. With its compact shape, Joe is suitable for both home and contract use.https://www.modernloftinteriors.com/products/joe-m-lg-bar-counter-stool-in-wood?_pos=3&_sid=e24199d4a&_ss=r




Clessidra Table

The Clessidra (hourglass) Table by Midj is a creation from its in house studio. In this architectural dining table shaped like an hourglass. It is a remarkable and highly functional design.

The base is available in either lacquered veneer wood or metal base. A two-tone base version is also available. 




Guapa Armchair

Guapa is a refined chair thanks to its design and production methods, and is suitable for many different spaces.

Leather, as a natural element, allows to combine comfort and strength, creating a play of light and shadows able to extend its appeal to the surrounding environment.

This base of this chair is available in lacquered, chrome, pink gold or black nickel steel. Seat and backrest are in hide.



Concave Round Table

The shape of stones smoothed by water and wind on beaches inspired the design of Concave. Nicola Bonriposi has uniquely designed a familiar object, transforming it into something intended to last over time. Its external formal simplicity hides a sophisticated internal design and technology, which plays with lights and shadows.

Concave can create versatile furnishing solutions: in living environments, with a single static central base, or in the workplace with a large top supported by various connected bases.



Apelle Chaise Lounge

The Apelle Chaise Lounge is characterized by soft and enveloping shapes that enrich the spaces of contract and home projects satisfying both classic and modern aesthetics.

Apelle is crafted from steel and leather of very high resistance and quality: high-end materials guarantee the necessary flexibility while meeting high production requirements. 

The seat and backrest are in hide. Available removable headrest cushion in fiore leather.




Pechino Table

Pechino is a living room or dining room table. The metal base is a curious game of intertwined metal beams that support a top chosen from solid wood, glass or veneer. The Pechino table, with its modern design, is also recommended for furnishing open space areas.



Infinity Table

Infinity is characterized by the simplification of everyday living. A smooth table top sits atop a chrome base for a sophisticated profile that is instantly recognizable. 



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