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Article: 3 Design Projects Where Moroso Furniture Takes Center Stage

Moroso Furniture in interior design projects

3 Design Projects Where Moroso Furniture Takes Center Stage

A World of Inspiration with Moroso

In the realm of luxury interior design, few brands can claim the transformative power that Moroso brings to a space. Renowned for their innovative and avant-garde furniture, this Italian brand has graced some of the most exquisite homes and spaces worldwide. In this post, we explore three exemplary design projects where Moroso furniture doesn't just complement the decor but takes center stage, shaping the very essence of these interiors. From the artistic elegance of a Vancouver penthouse to a nature-integrated family home in Kharkiv, and an art-filled retreat in Montecito, Moroso's pieces are at the heart of these extraordinary designs.

Avant-garde Furniture

Moroso, the illustrious Italian brand renowned for its avant-garde furniture, has consistently redefined luxury living spaces around the globe. Let’s delve into three stunning design projects where Moroso's impeccable pieces are not just part of the decor but the very essence of the interiors.

1. Sunset Flat, Vancouver

Nestled between the bustling cityscapes of Vancouver and Shanghai, a couple's serene sanctuary in Vancouver epitomizes modern luxury. Designed by the brilliant minds at Falken Reynolds Interiors, Sunset Flat is a masterpiece of aesthetic brilliance and functional elegance. Completed in 2023, this apartment offers breathtaking views of English Bay and False Creek, which are seamlessly integrated into the living experience.

MASS Sofa Moroso
  • Gentry 2 Seater Sofa: This Moroso gem is the heart of the living room, embodying comfort and sophistication. Its plush seating invites intimate conversations and cozy gatherings, all while complementing the room's artistic ambiance.
  • Fjord Stool: Strategically placed around a white marble Agape Casa dining table, these stools provide versatile seating options. They perfectly balance the room's modern aesthetic with their sleek yet inviting design.
  • Bohemian Swivel Armchair: Positioned to capture the apartment’s best views, this armchair is a haven for relaxation, offering a cozy nook to unwind and watch the sunset.
  • M.A.S.S.A.S Sofa: Dominating the media room, this statement piece balances the dramatic natural stone accents and the tactile richness of fabrics like linen, leather, mohair, and silk.

Sunset Flat's architectural lighting and minimalist detailing enhance its luxurious yet welcoming atmosphere. Falken Reynolds has masterfully utilized vertical light coves and playful decorative fixtures to transition the subtle ambiance from day to night. The use of natural stone, sandblasted concrete, and Venetian plaster further elevates the tactile and visual experience.

2. House in Kharkiv

In the picturesque region of Kharkiv, SBM Studio created a home that is as much a part of its natural surroundings as the birch grove and lake it overlooks. This family residence, completed in 2022, features a wavy roof and expansive glass facades that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Moroso's furniture plays a pivotal role in this harmonious design.

  • Diesel Collection Sofa and Armchair: Central to the living room, these pieces bring a touch of contemporary elegance to the space. Their design perfectly complements the natural light and shadow play created by the unique roof structure.

The home's facade, a blend of basalt stone, thermo ash, and glass, offers stunning views from almost every room. Moroso’s designs not only provide comfort but also enhance the seamless integration of the house with its natural environment.

Cloudscape Chair Moroso

The House in Kharkiv’s unique architectural elements, like the eight-meter roof overhang providing all-weather comfort and the strategically placed windows, allow for a mesmerizing play of light and shadow throughout the day. The Diesel Collection by Moroso, with its sleek lines and contemporary feel, adds a layer of sophistication that mirrors the house's harmonious blend with nature.

The challenge of a fifteen-meter height difference on the property was ingeniously addressed by SBM Studio, creating two flat terraces. One terrace houses a charming arbour and a grotto that has become a beloved retreat for the family. Here, Moroso's pieces are not just functional but pivotal in defining the family’s favorite gathering spaces.

3. Branch House, Montecito

In the idyllic hills of Montecito, TOLO Architecture has crafted the Branch House, a residence designed for a couple of avid art collectors. Completed in 2021, this one-acre property, once home to a 1960s ranch house, now boasts a modern structure that pays homage to its natural surroundings.

  • Gentry Sofa: Throughout the Branch House, Moroso pieces provide stylish and comfortable seating. Their placement is meticulous, ensuring that each piece not only complements the house’s unique geometry but also the extensive art collection.
Gentry Sofa Moroso

The Branch House is a testament to TOLO Architecture’s commitment to integrating architecture with nature. The new home, built within a restored native oak grove, floats above the ground on concrete piles to protect the trees' root zones. The post and beam structure, clad in fire-resistant copper tiles, addresses local building codes and the clients' desire to live among the trees while offering a stunning aesthetic that will develop a patina over time.

Inside, the home features a raw material palette—oak doors, galvanized steel guard rails, Douglas fir ceilings, and concrete flooring—that complements the contemporary art collection. Each room volume is uniquely oriented to maximize natural light and views, with skylights providing a secondary light source.

The "wet" volumes of the house—kitchen, powder room, and bathrooms—are distinguished by their floor-to-ceiling Heath Ceramic tiles, creating richly colored interiors that surprise and delight. The skylights in these spaces make it feel like you're inside a glazed vessel open to the sky, enhancing the luxurious ambiance.

These projects highlight Moroso’s ability to seamlessly integrate with diverse architectural styles and settings, from the urban sophistication of Sunset Flat to the natural elegance of the House in Kharkiv and the artful retreat of Branch House. Each piece of Moroso furniture not only serves a functional purpose but also elevates the aesthetic and emotional experience of the spaces they inhabit, demonstrating the brand’s unparalleled expertise in luxury design.

Furthermore, a recent Houzz survey by the Houzz Editorial Staff emphasizes the profound impact of home design on happiness. With 87 percent of respondents affirming that their home design affects their overall happiness, and 74 percent of those who recently redecorated reporting increased satisfaction, it’s clear that thoughtful design choices, like those seen in Moroso's projects, play a crucial role in enhancing well-being. Elements such as large windows and comfortable furniture, both highlighted in the survey, align perfectly with Moroso’s design philosophy, showcasing how integral these factors are in creating joyful living environments​


The projects featured here underscore Moroso's unparalleled ability to elevate interior spaces into realms of luxury and sophistication. Whether it's the meticulously curated Sunset Flat in Vancouver, the harmonious House in Kharkiv, or the art-centric Branch House in Montecito, Moroso furniture is more than just functional; it is an integral part of the design narrative. Each piece contributes to the overall aesthetic, enhancing both the visual appeal and the lived experience of these stunning homes. In the world of luxury design, Moroso stands as a beacon of innovation and elegance, continually setting new standards for what is possible in interior design.



Written by Noah Redwood

Noah Redwood is a seasoned lifestyle blogger and content creator with a passion for luxury furniture and home decor. With years of experience working with prestigious brands and a keen eye for design, Noah brings a unique blend of storytelling and expertise to every post.

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