Verde MirrorVerde Mirror

Verde Mirror


Bigger Brothers Mirror

From $1,168
Middle and Les Brothers MirrorMiddle and Les Brothers Mirror

Middle and Les Brothers Mirror

From $677
round mirror Miniformsround mirror Miniforms

Coque Round Mirror

From $1,636
Mimesis Wall Mounted MirrorMimesis Wall Mounted Mirror

Mimesis Wall Mounted Mirror

Peek Wall MirrorPeek Wall mirror Midj

Peek Wall Mirror

From $738
Midj mirrorMidj mirror

Spot Wall Mirror

From $885
Wallie Wall Mounted DrawerWallie Wall Mounted Drawer

Wallie Wall Mounted Drawer

Loop Tray SetLoop Tray Set

Loop Tray Set

From $522
Nunu Elephant SetNunu Elephant Set

Nunu Elephant Set

From $487
Hibo Hippopotamus SetHibo Hippopotamus Set

Hibo Hippopotamus Set

From $414
Rina Rhinaceros SetRina Rhinaceros Set

Rina Rhinaceros Set

From $414
Arkiv BookendArkiv Bookend

Arkiv Bookend

Wall BoxWall Box

Wall Box

Arqui RugArqui Rug

Arqui Rug

From $1,739.40
Canvas Cushion - Set of 2Canvas Cushion - Set of 2

Canvas Cushion - Set of 2

Diamond Cushion - Set of 2Diamond Cushion - Set of 2

Diamond Cushion - Set of 2

Herringbone Cushion - Set of 2Herringbone Cushion - Set of 2

Herringbone Cushion - Set of 2

Double Throw - Set of 2Double Throw - Set of 2

Double Throw - Set of 2

Level Daybed PillowLevel Daybed Pillow

Level Daybed Pillow

From $174

Cigales Flower Pot

From $711
Cigales Mirror MiniformsCigales Mirror Miniforms

Cigales Mirror

From $1,456
Pinetti Igea Small Tray with Sensor DispenserPinetti Igea Small Tray with Sensor Dispenser

Igea Small Tray with Sensor Dispenser

From $667
Pinetti Igea Sanitizing Stand with BoxPinetti Igea Sanitizing Stand with Box

Igea Disinfecting Station with Box

From $2,001
Igea Small Tray with Manual Dispenser

Igea Small Tray with Manual Dispenser

From $348
Pinetti Igea Sanitizing BoxPinetti Igea Sanitizing Box

Igea Disinfecting Box

From $841
Chess board gamePinetti CHESS & CHECKERS GAME BOARD

Chess Board Game

Igea Sanitizing StandIgea Sanitizing Stand

Igea Disinfecting Station

From $2,581
Igea Disinfecting TrayIgea Sanitizing Tray

Igea Disinfecting Tray

From $1,247
ottoman trayottoman tray

Trinket Tray

From $123
bed traybed tray

Canton Tray

From $319
bed traybed tray

Albi Tray

From $268
bed trayottoman tray

Gea Round Tray

From $224
bed traybed tray

Bormio Tray

From $253
table top organizertable top organizer

Table Top Organizer

From $493
salt pepper shakersalt pepper shaker

Boeien Salt and Pepper Set


Clork Table Clock

Conic Candle HolderConic Candle Holder

Conic Candle Holder

Lucent Glass Bowl SetLucent Glass Bowl Set

Lucent Glass Bowl Set

Rare CarafeRare Carafe

Rare Carafe

Radiant GlassesRadiant Glasses

Radiant Glasses

Duplex Wall ShelfDuplex Wall Shelf

Duplex Wall Shelf

Loop Clothes Hanger - SetLoop Clothes Hanger - Set

Loop Clothes Hanger - Set

Ply TealightPly Tealight

Ply Tealight

Ply Candle HolderPly Candle Holder

Ply Candle Holder

Facett MirrorFacett Mirror

Facett Mirror

From $75
Monday Espresso CupMonday Espresso Cup

Monday Espresso Cup

Monday MugMonday Mug

Monday Mug


Accessories can add a personal touch to your walls, sideboards, shelves and coffee tables.

Furnishing a room starts with the structural design and of course the large pieces of furniture which serve as the protagonists of the space. Then comes the smaller details, the decorative objects that give it life and function.

In order to make an environment look unique and unrepeatable you’ll need to bring in a touch of style.

While these little touches can make any environment look pleasant and personal, it’s important to keep a harmonious composition in mind. Colors, textures and shapes need to align with your aesthetic palette.

The arrangement of your accessories is also an important part of any design project. The decorative pieces need to be curated and displayed to tell a story.

Wall accessories can do so much to enhance dull walls. A popular choice is a round mirror such as the Bigger Brothers Mirror by Miniforms.

There are dozens of ways to dress your coffee table or sideboard. Add a touch of sophistication with one of our leather accessories by Pinetti. The leather texture of the Italian-made  boxes and trays are rich and expressive.

Achieving a perfectly styled room can sometimes feel like a puzzle but the possibilities are endless. Whether you select a magazine basket, a unique throw, a bed tray or an animal figurine, accessories are the key to creating a perfect composition.