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Article: How to style the Miniforms Soda Table : From Reading Nooks to Display Windows

How to style the Miniforms Soda Table : From Reading Nooks to Display Windows

How to style the Miniforms Soda Table : From Reading Nooks to Display Windows

Beyond Functionality: The Soda Table Miniforms Style Guide

Discover a Versatile World

In the ever-shifting world of interior design, certain pieces emerge not just as functional elements but as true icons of style. Enter the Miniforms Soda Table, a paragon of modern design that's captured the hearts of interior aficionados and designers alike. Known for its bold statement and versatility, the Soda Table has become a fixture in upscale residential projects, bringing a blend of art and utilty to every space it graces.

The Soda Coffee Table: An Essential at Modern Loft

At Modern Loft, a sanctuary for lovers of cutting-edge design, the Soda Table stands as a testament to the store's comitment to offering pieces that are as avant-garde as they are accessible. Always a fixture in their collection, the table, with a manageable lead time of around three weeks, promises not just a transformation of space but a swift revolution.

The Unmistakable Charm of the Miniforms Soda Table

Diving into what makes the Soda Table a standout, it's clear that its allure is rooted in its exceptional Italian design. This piece isn't just about providing a surface; it's a dance of light and shadow, an interplay of materials that creates a captivating visual experience. Its blend of sleek, modern lines with soft, organic curves gives it a timeless charm, positioning it as a centerpiece in any contemporary setting.

A Symphony of Forms - The Soda Side Table and Soda Coffee Table

Variety is at the heart of the Soda Table's appeal. With a spectrum of color options, each table adds a distinct mood and personality to a room, from understated elegance to bold vibrancy. The choice between tall and short versions further enriches its versatility, weather it's the Soda Side Table or the Soda Coffee Table. Whether standing alone or paired, these tables harmonize functionality with aesthetic finesse.

New Shapes, New Design Horizons

Expanding its range with new square and oval shapes, the Soda Table collection now offers even more dynamic options for personalizing living spaces. Miniforms has given us fresh additions that invite designers and homeowners alike to explore new dimensions of style and arrangement, ensuring that every interior narrative is uniquely told.

Soda Table Miniforms

Mastering Placement with the Miniforms Soda Table 

  1. Reading Nook: The Soda Side Table is placed beside a comfortable chair in a quiet corner of a well-lit room Here, it becomes a sanctuary for the reader.  [Project by: Daniella Colding Design]

    Soda Side Table
  2. Open-Plan Layout: As part of an expansive open-plan design, the Soda Table assumes the role of a refined accent piece. Its placement is strategic, next to contemporary furniture, where it complements without competing. The table is not decorated, maintaining a clean look. [Project by: Inch Design Co]  

    Soda Coffee table blue
  3. Lounge Area: A Soda Table is paired with a low lounge chair and decorated with a few fashion magazines, offering a relaxed environment for guests to enjoy a casual conversation in a stylish setting.                     
    soda table miniforms
  4. Holiday Spirit : The Soda Coffee Table is intrinsic to the celebratory tableau, its presence enhancing the seasonal joy. [Design: Blau Paris].green glass coffee table
  5. Professional and PolishedIn a home office or study area, the Soda Table is used beside a chair to hold a few select items like a notepad, pen, or a decorative piece, suggesting a sophisticated and professional style.   
    Soda side table blue
  6. Minimalist Entryway: The Soda Side Table greets guests in the entryway with minimalist grace, embodying a welcoming spirit that's both urbane and unassuming. [Project by: Matthew Grzywinski].
    green glass coffee table
  7. Bedroom Nightstand: In the bedroom, the Soda Side Table transforms the space, presenting an innovative interpretation of the traditional nightstand. [Project: THE DOLLI® at Acropolis].  
    Soda Table THE DOLLI® at Acropolis
  8. Designer Showcase: The Soda Table takes center stage in a store's display window, where it's not just furniture, but a piece of the visual storytelling that entices and engages passersby. Its sculptural quality and reflective surface become a canvas for the display, enhancing the allure of the products it presents.  [Project: Unknown] .green glass coffee table

How to Style with Different Soda Colors

  • Vibrant and Playful: Use the amber Soda Tables to embrace a sense of energy and fun. These tables can become the focal point in a room, especially when paired with complementary vibrant colors. Imagine a space where these amber tables are surrounded by area rugs with geometric patterns in shades of blue, green, or even pink, which can tie the room together while allowing the tables to stand out. Poufs in contrasting colors not only provide additional seating but also add a touch of whimsy.


  • Airy and Light: The blue Soda Side Table can be an element of calm in a light-filled room. Its cool hue is a nod to both the sky and the sea, which can be accentuated by placing it near large windows or glass doors that let in plenty of natural light. In a minimalist setting, the table can be paired with furniture in white or soft beige, and accented with light gray or pastel textiles to maintain a serene atmosphere. To keep the look uncluttered, consider using the table to hold one statement piece, such as a sculptural vase or a minimalist clock. This approach is perfect for spaces that aim to be a peaceful retreat from the busyness of everyday life.


  • Natural and Earthy: The Green Soda Table is a nod to the outdoors and works beautifully in spaces that have a natural, organic feel. The glass's green tint harmonizes with indoor greenery, such as potted ferns or a collection of succulents. Paired with furniture made from natural materials like wood or rattan, the table can hold a terrarium or a selection of books on nature or sustainbility, emphasizing an eco-conscious theme. This style suits rooms that are designed to be calming and grounded or simply classic.


  • Eclectic and Artsy: The Amethyst Soda Table is an ideal addition to a room that celebrates individuality and artistry. The deep, jewel-toned hue of the table can be a striking contrast to a room with mixed textures. When placed among a variety of patterns, the table acts as an anchor, drawing the eye and grounding the space. On the table, you might find an art piece or a pile of current art magazines and design books. This setting is perfect for those who see their living space as an extension of their creativity—a place where art and life merge.



The Miniforms Soda Table is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a versatile element that adapts to various styles and settings. From the vibrancy of the living room to the tranquility of the bedroom, it offers endles possibilities for those seeking to infuse their spaces with style, functionality, and a touch of Italian elegance. Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, there’s a Soda Table to match your aesthetic, ready to transform your space into a reflection of your personal style.

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