Technical Bulletin

117/00 sez E part. 1 EN 1021 parte 1/94, parte 2/94 BS 5852/90



The hide is a hygienic and very practical product: it resists to wear, it’s impermeable to water but, at the same time, the hide wicks air and sweat. The hide is obtained from the skin of bovines brees and slaughtered for food purposes and subsequently treated with chromium salts.



Use only a damp, non abrasive cloth; do not use products containing solvents or alcohol that may damagethe surface. It is advisable to test an invisible area of the product before cleaning it all. For good preservation of the product purchased, it is unadvisable to expose it to direct sunlight that may alter its features and colours. Any surface imperfections are natural features of hide and guarantee that it is an original product.