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About Kebe

KEBE is a technological front-runner when it comes to cold-cure molded foam.


For 40 years, they have been creating simple, contemporary design-led furniture using this unique and particularly durable material. Good craftsmanship, creative curiosity and the courage to challenge the status quo are the driving force behind their success story.


To them, “creative craftsmanship” means two things. First, using cold-cure foam gives us creative carte blanche. This material enables 360-degree modelling around the individual piece of furniture, so we can create aesthetic, comfortable, practical chairs and sofas that look elegant from all angles.


Secondly, we control the entire design process ourselves. Drawings, prototypes, 3-D scans, 5-axis machining, production of castings and metal frames, processing of cold-cure foam, adaptation of upholstery, and rounds of intensive testing – all done under our own roof. This quality-assures the route from concept to finished design and gives us added flexibility to respond to customer wishes and needs.