modern luxury furnituremodern luxury furniture

Chicago Sideboard

From $4,880
Stockholm Technic SideboardStockholm Technic Sideboard

Stockholm Technic Sideboard

From $6,570
Tactile Sideboard DoorsTactile Sideboard Doors

Tactile Sideboard

Velasca Extensible Sideboard Punt MoblesVelasca Extensible Sideboard Punt Mobles

Velasca Extendable Sideboard

Velasca Low Base Sideboard Punt MoblesVelasca Low Base Sideboard Punt Mobles

Velasca Low Base Sideboard

Velasca High Base Sideboard Punt MoblesVelasca High Base Sideboard Punt Mobles

Velasca High Base Sideboard

Velasca Floor Sideboard Punt MoblesVelasca Floor Sideboard Punt Mobles

Velasca Floor Sideboard

Malmo Sideboard Punt MoblesMalmo Sideboard Punt Mobles

Malmo Sideboard

From $4,325
Malmo Technic Sideboard Punt MoblesMalmo Technic Sideboard Punt Mobles

Malmo Technic Sideboard

From $4,625
Sussex SideboardSussex Sideboard

Sussex Sideboard

From $3,785
Stockholm Floor Lamp MidjPunt Mobles Stockholm

Stockholm LED Floor Lamp

Stockholm Table Lamp MidjStockholm LED Table Lamp

Stockholm LED Table Lamp

Chicago Table Lamp Chicago Table Lamp

Chicago Table Lamp

Stockholm Area Rug MidjStockholm Area Rug Midj

Stockholm Area Rug

From $1,995
Chicago Area Rug MidjChicago Area Rug Midj

Chicago Area Rug

From $1,995
Punt Mobles Mava Wooden ChairPunt Mobles Mava Wooden Chair

Mava Wooden Chair

Luxury modern furnitureLuxury modern furniture

Mava Upholstered Chair

From $1,105

Punt Mobles

Punt Mobles is a Spanish furniture brand known for its beautiful wooden sideboards and storage pieces. Established in the 1960s, the company has grown to become a leading player in the world of modern luxury furniture. Punt furniture symbolizes good design and contemporary craftsmanship, values that are evident in every piece they create. Their designers bring the core principles of modernism into the post-digital era. In 1997, Punt Mobles was awarded the National Design Award, a testament to the company's dedication to creating high-quality pieces that are both functional and beautiful. With a focus on storage pieces, Punt's low sideboards are a particular standout, with their sleek designs and attention to detail. Their commitment to artisanal workmanship and know-how is reflected in the architecture of each Punt furniture piece, making their products truly unique and special. Each piece is handcrafted, like an art collector’s treasure. With a strong focus on craftsmanship and design, Punt Mobles stands out in the world of modern luxury furniture.

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