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Kristalia's story is a symphony of innovation, craftsmanship, and design.

Like a jazz ensemble, the company's founders were a group of young fans who discovered new design sectors in north-east Italy, giving a new rhythm to these places to move them towards design innovation. From extending tables to attracting the most brilliant minds of Italian and international design, Kristalia has become a landmark in Italy and beyond, opening up to new talents with a visionary language and a strong bent for innovation.

The company's focus on functionality, sustainability, and transparency is a testament to its commitment to excellence in MADE IN ITALY. Quality is not just a value in Kristalia's craftsmanship, but a shared cultural and manufacturing heritage of a family business.

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Elephant Chair KristaliaElephant Chair Kristalia
Elephant Armchair Metal Base Sale priceFrom $488.00
Elephant Chair KristaliaElephant Chair Kristalia
Elephant Chair Wooden Base Sale priceFrom $666.00
Elephant Chair KristaliaElephant Chair Kristalia
Elephant Armchair Slide Frame Sale priceFrom $526.00
Elephant Chair KristaliaElephant Chair Kristalia
Elephant Chair Trestle Base Sale priceFrom $651.00
BCN StoolBCN Stool
BCN Stool with Height Adjustment Sale priceFrom $714.00
BCN Stool Wooden BaseBCN Stool Wooden Base | Kristalia
BCN Stool Wooden Base Sale priceFrom $597.00
BCN StoolBCN Stool Sled Base | Kristalia
BCN Stool Sled Base Sale priceFrom $458.00
1085 Edition Lounge Armchair | Kristalia1085 Edition Lounge Armchair | Kristalia
1085 Edition Lounge Armchair Sale priceFrom $3,981.00
1085 Edition Chair | Kristalia1085 Edition Chair | Kristalia
1085 Edition Chair Sale priceFrom $2,834.00


Kristalia, the Italian brand of modern luxury furniture, embodies a unique rhythm in design akin to jazz's ineffability. Founded in 1994 by a group of jazz aficionados from Friuli, the brand discovered uncharted design sectors within its surroundings. They revolutionized mountain boots, automobile parts, clothing, and knitwear, infusing them with new rhythms of design innovation. Swiftly gaining recognition, particularly with the Elephant Chair and BCN Stool collections Kristalia became a landmark in Italy and beyond, pioneering the concept of extending tables in the early 21st century and attracting renowned designers in the following decade. They expanded into the hospitality contract supplies market, winning over former skeptics who now seek collaboration. Kristalia aims to establish enduring relationships with designers and artisans, embracing new talents driven by innovation. Communication plays a vital role in conveying the brand's intrinsic qualities that surpass mere aesthetics or functionality. With an in-house creative team, they capture the product development journey through photography and videos, testing design and functionality in unconventional ways. Kristalia furniture designs are committed to innovation, functionality, handicraft expertise, Made in Italy, sustainability, and transparency resonate in every meticulously crafted Kristalia furniture piece. Through their symphony of design, they evoke the joy of witnessing a project evolve, encounters with visionary designers, and passion for technology and global progress. Their story, rooted in jazz, continues to harmonize creativity, excellence, and the soul of Italian craftsmanship, transforming furniture into an art form.