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ADD Collection

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Modular Office Furniture

The ADD Collection by Lapalma is an expression of design excellence and innovation. The modular design of the ADD Collection allows for endless possibilities in customizing different office spaces to meet the specific needs of clients. Each module is a masterpiece on its own, from the storage units to the desks and sofa seating. The minimalist design of the ADD System is perfect for creating a tailored and luxurious office space. What makes the ADD System unique is its combination of function and style. The collection's unique design adds a touch of elegance to any workspace, while its modular structure enables clients to customize their office to their exact specifications. The collection's designer, Francesco Rota, has created a masterpiece that seamlessly integrates aesthetics with practicality. The ADD System's thoughtful design provides an uncluttered work environment, while the exquisite range of materials and colors available offers endless possibilities for personalization. Lapalma's ADD Collection truly is the perfect blend of design, functionality, and innovation. Whether you're looking for a modular desk, a comfortable sofa, or a stylish storage unit, the ADD System has something to offer. It's no wonder that Lapalma is renowned for their modern luxury furniture, and the ADD Collection is a testament to their commitment to excellence in design and functionality.