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Vintage Faux Leather


50’000 cycles



80% PVC; 2% PU; 18%



UNI 9175: classe 1IM EN 1021-2



This faux leather's surface is made using a microscopic texture which makes it similar to natural leather to the touch while keeping the typical characteristics of technical fabric such as endurance and ease of use. The Vintage faux leather features a special mesh fabric construction, slightly elastic, that makes it easily adaptable to the new modern shapes of upholstered furniture and guarantees long life. Soft, enveloping and fire resistant, this fabric adapts to contract or residential spaces.



Dust gently and in case of light stains pass the surface with a damp cloth or a neutral detergent, rinse with water without squeezing. Let the fabric dry inside out avoiding direct exposure to the sunlight. Iron to the reverse at low temperature. The following instructions are recommended for small located and more obstinate stains (oil, fat, cosmetics, ink, coffee, liquor, chewing-gum etc.): dissolve immediately with clear ethylic alcohol diluted in water to 20%, dab and then treat with a neutral detergent solution. Rinse abundantly. To avoid permanent stains, the lighter colors of the article should not be brought into contact with textiles and clothing colored with unfixed dyes. We cannot guarantee the ability to remove unknown dyes from light colored product.